Wednesday, March 27, 2019

What's Up Wednesday- March 2019

Hey there, lovelies! Here's a little catch up with What's Up, Wednesday! 

What we're eating this week
All of the veggies and protein with a little bit of beans and fruit and no sugar. After a week of indulgence, it's time to start all that healthy eating again!

Pictured: these awesome sushi bowls we had last weekend!

What I'm reminiscing about
Last week and all that beautiful sunshine and family time. Recap of Part 1 here.

What I'm loving
A's teacher is back from maternity leave and I couldn't be a bigger fan! 

What we've been up to
A little vacay, a LOT of laundry and back to work and reality.

What I'm dreading
I feel like I'm done with extra curricular but alas, we have three more months. The climbing temps make it easier though :-)

What I'm exciting about
All this warm weather and a whole lotta summer planning. 

What I'm watching/reading

The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty- The only one of her older books that I haven't read.
Just finished the entire Parenthood series on in the background while I work or I'm around the house. Brothers and Sisters (for the second time as I watched it while it was actually on) is on now.

The Last Anniversary by [Moriarty, Liane]

What I'm listening to
All the podcasts! I've even found a way to put it on while I'm in the shower. Don't judge.

What I'm Wearing
I'm finally able to bust this city coat  out ( my mama 'bought' it for me on major sale for Christmas)... and lots of awesome spring shoes. 

What I'm looking forward to next month 
So much celebrating for a certain daughter who turns double digits... 10 on the 10th. This is the first year we are doing no birthday party but fear not, a whole lot of celebrating is going to be happening!

What else is new
A certain little lady has her first adjudicated violin festival coming up so it's a whole lotta' practicing going on. I'm so proud of how she has elevated her performance in the past few months. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday, friends!
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  1. 10 on the 10th, so fun! My 10th was on the 10th too, well all my birthdays are, lol! What podcasts do you like? I'm just getting into them now!

  2. I could eat sushi bowls all day every day.

  3. I started listening to podcasts when I take Sophia on walks and it's wonderful! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I am also SO very excited about summer planning - bring it on!! ASAP! Annster's Domain

  5. Ooh 10 on the 10th! That is so cool. I'm reading Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty, I love her books.

  6. Oh my a 10 year old!! What fun! Bring on those warmer temperatures, eh?!

  7. I was a bit disappointed in The Last Anniversary; I love her books but found that one to be just a bit lackluster. What do you think of it so far?

  8. Have fun celebrating your girl on her golden birthday!

  9. Oh my gosh a golden birthday!! So exciting! Would you believe I had never even heard of such a thing until like 2 years ago. duh! haha I want to be on the beach.


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