Monday, March 25, 2019

Mexico #1

Hello lovelies! How I've missed you and this little space of mine. I'm back revived and refreshed from a family vacay in Mexico. Fourteen of us, a big hotel mix up, lots of sunshine and sand (literally...I'm shaking sand out of everything!), margs and huevos ranchos. Great time, friends!!

Here a just a 'few' photos of the first two days. I actually don't have as many pics as I thought I did as I made more of a conscious effort to put my phone away for quite a bit of the trip. 

We stayed at the Azul Beach Riviera Cancun. Welcome drink for a few of us :-)

Sidenote, A spilt the punch moments after after this!

Grabbed a little lunch after. This is a part of the dessert section. My kids and nephews dominated these whenever we would let them especially the lollipops. 

Sooooo.... four out of the fourteen of us got placed at a sister resort, even though some family had confirmed reservations at our resort. Uggggg.... And the hotel just wasn't budging with anything.... not even free  day passes (the day passes were $90 USD per person).  They offered us to move all of us to another hotel (with not the best rooms as we were voluntarily moving). My sister in law basically stayed for four hours in the lobby arguing her case with the front desk manager.... She is an attorney and clearly a great one. 

Anyway after soooo much time, she finally managed to negotiate day passes for the four grandparents at the other resort. Phew but we were all so tired waiting around to see what was going on....

A little 'birthday cake' as well as a legit piece of cake for C's birthday.

We had Indian food for dinner and then some of us headed to the lobby and show. The others called it a night. 

In the lobby before the show. 

The next morning, we took an early morning walk to explore the resort. 

A little morning sand playing-- yes, please!

The beach BBQ had this lovely set up everyday. 

I'm in love with La Blanca swimwear and three of the four I took on vacay were from their awesome line. This one found here

We booked a beach cabana almost everyday and took short glorious naps there with the amazing ocean breeze. 

No caption necessary.

Lots of pool time for these kiddos. 

When did this kid get so good at selfies?

Dinner at the Mexican restaurant that night. The food was so delicious!

One of a very few of the fourteen of us. Us four, my parents, my in-laws, my brother and his family and my sister in law's parents. 

Another great show in the night! My kids were clamouring to get on the stage. 

Happy Monday, friends!

Back to the grind but those memories linger on....

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  1. Too bad about the hotel mix up but good thing you got those day passes! I love those early morning beach photos, the lighting is so beautiful!

  2. The weather, the company, the food - looks divine! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Sorry about your hotel inconvenience! That really stinks when you have a group that large and you have to separate! WOWSA! That beach looks amazing Sarita!

  4. It looks absolutely amazing. I love your straw beach hat too. So sorry about the hotel but I’m so glad you had a good time!

  5. You guys go on the best vacays! Sorry about the hotel mix up, and I'm shocked they didn't do more to accommodate your family. But everything else looked amazing <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. You look gorgeous in all the photos and sounds like the girls had a bast! I love all-inclusive resorts like these in paradise. Perfect way to spend a family holiday away from the cold (Minus the initial debacle with hotel rooms not being close together as planned). xoxo

  7. Looks amazing and you look stunning - I wish I could wear hats like that and not look weird.

  8. Wow that sounds & looks so fabulous! (well, other than the room mix-ups).


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