Monday, April 30, 2018

Weekending- Last One in April

Happy Monday, friends! This weekend was a fun one though colder than seasonal temps--- yep the winter coat came back out. We'll take it though.... the thaw is coming!

Here's what we were up to:

On Friday, the kids and D went for a long walk while I made lettuce wraps and sweet and sour cauliflower for dinner.

I made a half batch of gluten free cookies that were so delicious, I made another half batch the day after. #obsessed. D's cousin gave me the recipe and I'm totally posting them soon.

 Lots of laundry on Saturday, cleaning up and making a veggie/turkey kolbassa soup took up most of my day.  A went to a soccer party. In the evening, we got a sitter for the kids and we headed out to our friends' house for some drinks and appies before heading out to a simple cancer benefit at the local polish club. A wonderful cause and a fun time.

Skating as usual on Sunday morning followed by a family brunch at a local restaurant,  a playdate for A, a nap for a couple of us, some TV time and family dinner at home. 

And now it's Monday and we're back at it :-). It's supposed to be a wonderful warm week. 

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Friday, April 27, 2018


Happy Friday, lovelies! We've had some sunshine, some rain and some clouds but the temps are climbing and that's bringing a smile to my face. Here are some other things bringing us happy around here.

1- These beautiful blooms called to me at Costco this week. Hydrangeas are some of my very favourite and I miss the plant I had in our old home. 

2- On full blast this week has been some spring cleaning. This week, the family coat and shoe cupboard is complete and the mudroom is in the midst of getting some love.

3- I'm getting my money's worth out of this #9 balloon we got C for her birthday. The attendant at party city told me that when it is getting deflated to poke a straw through the opening  , blow it back up to the desired fullness and reseal. So far I've done it twice and it's been seventeen days going strong. 

4- For those of you guys who have Prime, did you know that you can also access a whole catalogue of selected magazines and books and borrow up to ten at a time free of charge. Yet another reason to love Amazon Prime!!

Image result for amazon prime meme

5- Guess who dressed herself to go to dance this week giving herself a 'hairstyle' and all. #nowords but the entire family could not keep a straight face. Jane Fonda called, A. She wants to share some legwarmers with you.

And just a few chuckles from around the internet this week.

I swear this is my life.

My life in the summer as I'm the one serving snacks and reading a book. 

Five cheers for Friday, friends!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

What's Happening Wednesday?

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of the Toronto accident victims. Such a horrible, senseless act. 

Here's what has been going on at the end of April (1) here.

What we're eating this week?
Monday: sweet potato/red lentil stew
Tuesday: takeout for a swim fundraiser
Wednesday: Chicken with salad
Thursday: Veggie burgers
Friday: takeout 

We had burgers on a cabbage wrap this past weekend . It was soooo good.

What I'm reminiscing about
Facebook is making me remember this little lady
Image may contain: 1 person

Image may contain: 2 people

What I'm loving
This app Unroll that let's you  unsubscribe from emails all at the same time. #obsessed

What we've been up to…
The usual: swimming, dance (times two), music (times three), skating and school.  

What I'm dreading…
Not a whole lot, honestly. 

What I'm working on
Now that tax season is complete, I'm getting started on that house list!! It's a long one, lovelies!

What I'm excited about…
Spring weather being here finally.

What I'm watching/reading…
The Resident! 
And reading Prime magazines. I also just finished In twenty years by Allison Winn Scotch. It was okay!

What I'm listening to..
Falling Slowly by Adam Levine and Addison Ager. My five year old is obsessed.
Also listening to times tables in the car.

What I'm wearing…
A spring jacket! Finally!!!

What I'm doing this weekend…
A date night, a fundraiser, a birthday party, a playdate and some family time. 

What I'm looking forward to next month..
Opening the pool! D's birthday and some more sunshine.

What else is new?

This affordable bottle of Pinot Noir  is more than value for money

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Weekending- Spring!

Happy Monday! Here's what we were up to in the beautiful, rising temps. 

We headed to Toronto on Friday afternoon to head to Cuisine and Cuivee with our friends. It's this all inclusive fund-raiser for Providence Hospital/ 

All dressed up and ready to go 

So much good food!

The makeover or makeup refresher station in the bathroom was awesome.

And so was the photobooth

We were up until 2 am watching music videos (and drinking wine) so we were exhausted the next day.

Clearly, so was she with her 5 pm naptime.

John made an amazing chicken/lamb burger-- that's a cabbage leaf we used as a bun. It was delicious. 

The next day after skating, we headed to a  lunchtime Fundraiser for Jaxon, Anjali's old classmate who has an inoperable brain tumour. Such a brave, beautiful boy with such gracious, strong parents. 

Deadpool is his favourite character so he made an appearance throughout lunch. 

It was so lovely that we headed for a walk after.

Then it was the Greatest Showman, loads of laundry and tacos before calling it a night! 

A wonderful weekend finished just a bit to soon. Happy Monday, friends.

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Friday, April 20, 2018

Five Friday Favourites.

Image result for friday

This week has been a bit of a short week, what with the April snow day (!) and all! We are so looking forward to the weekend though. Rumour (i.e. the meteorologist)  has it that actual spring weather is a-coming.

1- C's actual birthday was on a Tuesday. Though  actual life still went on (school and work), we did manage to sneak in some fun with some birthday pancakes, presents and a nice dinner out. We've started doing just a massive cupcake for the girls' actual birthdays if they have a party on another day and so far we love it. Just a small bite of sweetness after a usually treat laden day. 

We got her the boxed Harry Potter collection and a new Garmin Vivo and they were both hits!

2- I can't wait for the Sephora VIB sale coming out today to order some favourites. I'm in the market for a new eyebrow pencil and face oil. 

3- A has started to growl when she is mad... The verdict is still out as to if it's a favourite or not but it is certainly funny.
She was so proud of her multiplication tiles, she wanted me to take a pic of it. (Definitely a favourite)

Also a favourite, is A going shopping for C's birthday present (a C espresso cup and some madeline erasers) and giving her $20 after still. Now she has no more money of her own but is so happy to be giving to her sister.

4- We are obsessed with these dumplings from Costco. We put them in a boiling broth for 1-3 minutes, grate some fresh ginger and chop some cilantro and throw in some sesame oil and it makes a great lunch or light dinner!!!
Image result for costco chicken gyoza dumplings

5- Now that the US tax season is done, I'm finding a little extra time to do some spring cleaning.... It certainly looks worse before it gets better, doesn't it?!

Have a good weekend, lovelies!

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