Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sweet Sunshine Birthday Party

 Better late than never….

 In July, we celebrated sweet A's third birthday with sunshine, sugar and lots and lots of friends. It was a sunny day with perfect temps…. ideal for her 'Sunshine Birthday'. 

I used this invite (with her info obvs). 

Though there were many beautiful 'you are my sunshine' invitations out there, I opted for this one instead cause we have two kids and she is just one of our sunshines :-)

I did sneak some You Are My Sunshine elements in there…. 

Lots of yellow, peach and pink--- she loves these colours. 

I decorated way more than this inside the house with banners, balloons, frames and pom-poms but as usual, I totally forgot to take pics. 

Sun hats and sunglasses for party favours….

As well as some awesome sunshine sugar cookies (thanks Amra!)

There are no pictures of the food but for our appies we had mexican dip and chips, fried shrimp with dijon sauce (that literally took two hours to make), cheese paste sandwiches, fruit and veggies. 

I always serve food at my parties and this time I scored with my parents coming for a visit. They made a caribbean rice, a trini oyster sauce chicken and macaroni pie. Corn bread (from Amra), grilled veggie salad (thanks Jenn) and a chickpea green salad completed the mix. Trinidadian food is amazing and my parents are amazing cooks. I had so many guests ask me who we catered from, it was kind of funny! 

I kept entertainment simple with  soccer balls, mini golf, bubbles, chalk,  a borrowed bouncy castle

A little sandbox-- note to self and others, do not buy expensive kinetic sand for use at a birthday party for toddlers. It will all be dumped on the floor.  Spring for the $5 bag of regular sand instead. 

And of course an old school pinata stuffed with so much sugar, it made my head spin- and left over party favours from parties past-hehehe. 

These two besties put on quite the show for the inside crowd. 

D and I never get a party pic together-- We're usually too busy running around

And a few of our guests- seriously just a few- next time I will assign someone to camera duty.

Do you like our 3 cake? Our first home-made cake for a party ( I usually outsource those operations) but saw an awesome idea on Kaitlin's blog using two bundt pans.  I made the cakes (one chocolate and one vanilla) and the sour cream frosting and D and my brother decorated it. I joke that it took the dexterity of two physicians to make this cake. 

She loved it though :-)

I also made these candy covered oreos that she reached for instantly 

So did some of the other kids

And then there was lots of soccer 

and posing

and hanging out….

and more posing…..

and even more posing as the birthday girl got one last lollipop as the day came to an end….

We had guests until 10 pm!! Now that's a party befitting my little sweet, sunshine party girl!!

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  1. Love the theme, love the cake and the sunglasses as party favors, GENIUS! Such a great job mama. You clearly know how to throw a party.

  2. Looks like it was a wonderful party! Your girls are lucky to have you as a mom. Ps. Have you never thought of starting a party planning business? 😊

  3. It took months of planning, but everything turned out perfect, I especially like the games for the kids, bounty castle, sand castle, piñata , finding hidden stuff, indoor games etc. The birthday girl look adorable in her sunshine outfit, and had a great time with her sister, cousin and friends!!! The adults also had a great time.

  4. Looks like a great party! Love the cake- so genius!!!

  5. Looks like a great party! Love the cake- so genius!!!

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