Wednesday, September 9, 2015

And we're doing first grade

Well it's happened…. my baby has become a little lady--- making the transition to 'big school' yesterday.

We had quite the low key Labour Day weekend. With such a hectic summer, I wanted to make sure there was lots of down time- laundry and rooms were organised and all the little back to school stuff was organised and packed.

Because last year, it was an epic battle everyday to decide what to wear daily, I did these hanger tags in the hope that said battle would only happen on a Sunday now. I like it so much so far, I'm leaning towards doing these for A also… and let's be real, for myself as well. #orgjunkie

Little mommy love notes were printed as I kind of hate my handwriting.

Back to School dinner was at a restaurant of the first grader's choosing. We were going to take a trip to her school but she told me it was fine, she would see it on the first day of school (!?)

We read I wish you more  the night before. My intention is to read it every eve of Back to School.

Look what I found when I came upstairs-- an awesome slumber party.

And in the morning….. Daddy's chocolate chip pancakes as the first grader requested.

Lunch packed.

Then it was picture time.

And lil' sis had to squeeze in also. 

And then it was drop off…. So many people, so many kids and quite a bit of chaos. I thought I would walk in with her and meet her teacher but they lined all the first graders up and took them to the library.

Thank goodness A starts tomorrow so she was able to keep me company.

In the afternoon, more chaos with pick up but she had so much fun. As we had some cookies and milk, she had so many stories to tell me…. and so many requests for more sugary lunch snacks--- hahaha!!!

Here's to wonderful year!

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  1. Woohoo! Looks like you guys did it up right.

  2. So sweet!!!! We have clothing battles here too, so I may need that trick (mine had to wear a football dress the first day, hah!). We lay something out every night together and then in the morning she typically emerges with something different :)

  3. Love how special you made getting back to school for her. First grade is going to be awesome :)!

  4. Love how you made her first day so special, imagine C in first grade, how time flies, we are all so very proud of her, I am sure she will fit in well as she is a true leader.

  5. This is so sweet! I love the hang tags, too! Hope she has a fabulous school year!!!


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