Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday morning madness hacks

Weekends--- the time of smiles, sweetness and… Monday mornings though, not that much. Dragging my kids and myself out of bed, ick. Packing bleary eyed lunches and brushing little teeth and getting everybody out of the door every morning is always a rush but on Mondays, so much more so no? Here's what been working around this time around for back to school. It takes a bit more time on the weekend but makes the mornings so much easier. 

1- What shall I wear? Here's what?

Honestly, this has been saving so much time. My six going on sixteen year old sometimes wears the most electic, weather inappropriate clothes year round. Adding to that the favourites she insists on wearing every week and the lack of rotation of her outfits, this was quite the stressful part of our morning last year. This year though, these hanger labels for each day of the week has been really helping us out. We check the weather coming up and decide together on a weekend what is to be worn and it's so much more painless. So much so, I really need to get on it for my three-nager's closet as well. SO.MUCH.EASIER.

2- Where is everything?

On Sunday night or before, I make sure I know where the bags are,  that the planner (a new thing for C) is there, any homework is done and packed and where the lunch kit is. And I put it in the same place every day/week as well. Ain't nobody need to be racing around searching for stuff bright and early on a Monday.

Yeah, I label everything. My label maker is one of my favourite.things.ever.

3- What's for lunch?

I try my best to head to the farmer's market or supermarket on a weekend for the week. If not, I try to at least have the basics for Monday and do the rest of my shopping on Monday….. balanced meals, kids!

4- Back-up plans

When even that fails, I always have stuff in the freezer and the pantry to throw together a somewhat healthy lunch. There's always frozen edamame, cheese, crackers, apple purees and raisins to throw something together. 

5- Tidy up, buttercup

Even though weekends are hectic, on Sunday night, we try to have everything tidied up so it's not stressful staring at toys, dishes or stuff first thing on Monday…

Simple enough, no?
 What are your favourite tips for making Monday mornings easier?

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  1. I wish some of my students' parents wd read this lol.

  2. Love this! So many good tips, I love the outfit hangers!

  3. These are great ideas! Love the hangers!!

  4. This is pure amazingness! I'm good about prepping lunch and snacks the night before, but I really need to get better with outfit planning. Cheers to a great week :)

    Green Fashionista

  5. I totally agree with having as much stuff prepared and ready to go as possible! Nothing beats organization. Those clothes organizers are awesome.

  6. okay that label hanger outfits for the week one is amazing! Such a good idea. I'm storing that one away.

  7. These are some great tips and I can totally see where picking out the outfits for the week would be a major time/meltdown saver!

    I ALWAYS make everyone pitch in to clean up the house on Sunday night. Mondays suck enough without have a mess from the weekend fun to deal with.

  8. Sarita! :) It was so great to hear from you! :) As for this post here,... Wow! We are so much alike in these ways. I too have to have things all organized and planned or put out, otherwise, I feel off and things become too rushed, lol. I am all about planners, to do notes and labels. It really does work.
    Those days of the week labels for clothes are awesome!!
    I hope all is well with you too.
    I still have the stuff you sent me displayed in my "girl cave". I never took it down. I'm still in love with that box. :) xoxo

  9. Love these tips! Thanks for linking up, Sarita!


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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