Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Foodie family

Darin and I are foodies. We enjoy fresh, natural,  nutritional food as much as possible. We are fans of different spices, textures and flavours and love experimenting with new recipes and restaurants. Now, it seems like we're also becoming a foodie family with Cassia beginning to enjoy different flavours as well.At home, we always try to encourage her to eat different foods and try our best not to only cater to the toddler palate. At restaurants, she never orders the chicken fingers and fries but instead prefers pasta with alfredo sauce, shrimp, and fancy breads and dips.  She loves imported cheeses, her favourites being smoked gouda and bellavitano... that being said, she also loves a good Happy Meal :-)

And Anjali--- let's wait to see... the signs are good already.

My girl this morning with some vanilla cardamom french toast

Sweet Anjali had applesauce and oatmeal but already is beginning to enjoy her different flavours.  

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