Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Fall Favourites TBB Asks

Happy Wednesday, friends! Fall has started and so has the fun! Here are just a few of the Fall Favourites around here....

Favourite Fall Sweet Treat:
Hmmm.... my friend Kathryn's pumpkin pie... no other pumpkin pie. Just hers. 

Red, Yellow or Green Apples
Red-- we had these huge Cortland ones the other day and they were

 Favourite Fall Sport to Play
Yeah, I'm not a sports person (this un-coordinated girl goes to the gym instead), let alone sports when the weather is cooling. Does a crisp fall walk count

Favourite Fall Activity
We love us some apple picking!

Best Drink for Fall:
Red Wine....I know, I know... White is good all year round and so is red. TO me there's something about a crisp white for the summer and red wine in the fall. #imbasiclikethat
Also. I like the thought of pumpkin beer.

Must Have Fall Shopping
Lots of different pumpkins and squashes. This year, I'm loving white pumpkins.
 (d's aunt also brought us these beautiful fall flowers)

Pick Your Own or Store Bought
Store bought all the way though we've done both. Those Pick Your Own patches can often feature a lot of rotting pumpkins and the purchases can be quite expensive. 

Favourite  Halloween Costume
Yeah... that would be this little PBK mouse costume that both my kids wore for two years for parties and events--four times-- that's not happening these days anymore!

College Football or NFL
Yeah see above re: sports 

Fall or Halloween Decor
I start off with Fall and then after Thanksgiving/Divali bring out the Halloween stuff.

Raking Leaves or No Leaves to Rake
Lots of Leaves but we outsource those operations

Favourite Soup
We do this Chicken Tortilla Vegetable Soup year round at least once a month.Super healthy and makes a huge batch.

Favourite Fall Candle Scents
I love Pumpkin Coconut but sadly, I'm not burning too many candles anymore 

Love or hate Pumpkin Spice
ummm.... like.

Short Booties or Tall Boots
Short Booties for sure

Favourite Halloween Candy
I love all the Cadbury stuff like Mr. Big and Wunderbar-- are these Canadian?

PSL- yes or no?
Sometimes :-)

Hayride or Corn Maze
Corn Maze -- got to get those steps

Favourite Fall TV Show
This is us-- definitely This is US.

What about you? What are you into for fall? Am I the only one who can take or leave pumpkin spice?

Linking up with the lovelies of The Blended Blog (a little late) for Fall Questions.


  1. I need a pumpkin coconut candle in my life something fierce. I still have yet to put up our Halloween stuff. I keep saying this is the day, and I just don't. Maybe it will happen today.

  2. So many fun fall things! I'm so jealous! It's still upper 80's and no where near feeling like fall here but I'm bringing in all the fall I can. <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  3. I think I love yellow apples the best. totally jealous of all the fall things over here!

  4. That's a great soup to have in the fall - I love chili on a sunday that's cooked all day in the crock pot! :) xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  5. Gimme all the white pumpkins this year too! And This is Us.... all the feelings <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. hmmmmm....I know for sure Coffee crisp is cdn...not sure about those other wonderful treats!

  7. This post makes me want to cuddle up in a sweater and eat pie ;) Love that mouse costume! You definitely got your money's worth on that one.

  8. Totally going to post this tomorrow and hopefully I won't miss the link up!

  9. haha, gotta get in those steps, too funny. That soup looks good, need to try it.


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