Thursday, May 23, 2013

Engagement Party

So the reason for our trip to the US was my brother's engagement party. On Saturday, my family headed down to Pennsylvania to his fiancee Munira's parents house. We got there about 2 hours late... my fault to an extent since I totally underestimated US weekend traffic- it took us 4 hours for what the GPS said would be a two hour drive! By the way, one car stopped for Starbucks while the other changed a dirty diaper in the carseat- the latter got there 20 minutes earlier of course!

It was a really nice afternoon at the parents of my future sister in law, Munira. We had a lovely Sichuan lunch (was it really lunch at 3:30?!), divine masala chai and great conversation while bestowing our best wishes and blessings on the happy couple. I did not take half the photos of the couple, families or babies I should have but here are just a few shots. 

All these babies-- and my side bangs need training

The two papas

Is that a smile, Din? This boy is always so serious.

Grandma with Cassia

Sweet Munira waiting for her groom to be
Love my new sister in law to be :-)

Why am I not surprised that he is by the sweets?!
That sweet drink (tasted a bit like a strawberry milkshake) was a favourite of my four year old

Cassia with her drink
"Baby" Bro with us.

I was giving Din the beautiful ring to give to her (again) and almost swiped it.
A girl could never have too many diamonds!

The paparazzi and other invited guests

The happy couple

Congrats you two! Excited for you and we can't wait for August!

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