Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Week 12- Everyday life in 2014

Another Wednesday is upon us. Wednesday is usually one of our busiest days. Apart from all the everyday stuff, I usually take Cassia to music and then trek on over to dance. D also comes home late today as well. Let's just say that this is the day I usually have to have that mid-afternoon caffeine fix. 

Day #85

I wonder if all this dirty snow in our neighbourhood will ever melt.

Day #86

Baking night tonight! Great job squeezing those lemons!

I just love these matching aprons that Aunty Mala had made for Cassia and me. Anjali wasn't in the picture yet so we'll have to take turns!

Day #87

This lemon cake that we baked was sooo yummy. I'm not usually a lemon cake person but I just might be a convert.

Day #88

Look who finished her winter skating session!!

Day #89

It was so nice on Sunday, we walked to the local restaurant for an early dinner. I love the expression on  C's face

Day #90

I put a smock on A and let her play with water in the kitchen sink. All was well until she began dumping water on the floor.

Day #91

I just love my morning alone time with D. 

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