Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring has sprung--- and I'm testing out my new camera!!

Dare I say it?! Spring seems to have sprung. It's still pretty cold but for the most part, we have above freezing temperature--- it's been a long winter, we'll take it! 

This weekend nice and relaxing with a sprinkle of activities thrown in. On Friday, I wasn't feeling too well so we stayed in and had pizza/movie night-- Smurfs 2 was on the agenda but truth be told, I only saw the end. I was pretty out of it.

On Saturday, the four of us headed out to Kindermusik and then to lunch as a family. In the evening, D and I went to a very nice restaurant for a belated Valentine's dinner (very belated) and then we headed to the mall. We were so tired we came home earlier than we had, sent the baby sitter home and just chilled. I guess it's not 1969 anymore!

On Sunday, Darin's cousins came to visit and take us to a lovely brunch. The day was so sunny  and Cassia really wanted to go the park. I've had my camera for a few weeks now and haven't really used it that much so I decided to bust it out. I must say, although it's bulky, I really love it. Here are just a few shots. 

My kid is the one on the left

Wheeee!! Seriously, she said this everytime I pushed her.... every time.

Thank goodness she doesn't ask to go on the baby swings anymore.

A guy and his baby

I see us visiting the park very often this summer

Mama and A

Why so serious?

On another note, I've been up since 2 am, tossing and turning. At 4 am, I decided that was enough and I came downstairs. It's after 6, I've done an hour of work, made some food, blogged and made my list. Today is Day 1 of our Dr. Oz two day cleanse so I had to prep lots of stuff especially since D is doing it at work. Hopefully, I'll get to take a nap later today.... either that or go to bed really early--- like 7 pm!

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