Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Party Time!

Cassia's birthday party was this last Saturday. With all of the stuff going on these last couple months, we decided to do something fun but simple so she had her party at Playfit. It's an indoor gym about 5 minutes away from our house. The kids ran around for the majority of the two hours then we had pizza, sandwiches, fruit, juice and cake. She had a blast! 

Here she is on the second story of the climber


We are a slide kinda family!
Seriously, she spent most of her time climbing up and sliding down here

A quick snack break!

Baby mosh pit!
(At least until some big kids came and started to throw these cushions around)

This is Claire, one of Cassia's favourite people.


 Chatting with her peeps!

In case you can't tell, by popular request, it's a Frozen cake. 
I was the world's coolest mom for getting it!

I have this same pic bending over for her last birthday.

Happy birthday sweetie!

Somebody really was a fan of this cake!

Then we came home to open loads of presents. 
And clean up tons of wrapping and packaging.
Maybe next year somebody should get me a PA for her 6th!

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