Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week 13- Everyday Life in 2014

Just when I posted yesterday about the lovely weather, it snowed again this morning! Cassia asked me if I thought it was going to be a shower day or a flower day. She then went on to explain that a shower day is usually a rainy, dark day but a flower day is when the sun peeps out for a few hours and gives the flowers sunshine to grow.... The good news is that although I thought it was going to be a shower day, it became a flower day! Well as much of a flower day as we're going to get anyways. 

Day #92

Cheers! I jest not, that's what they were doing at 8 am.

Day #93

Darin went to a conference and A was asleep so my sweet girl and I spent the evening together.

Day #94

Post breakfast snack

Day #95

D and I had a belated Valentine's dinner. We shared some oysters as an appie.

Day #96

Too cool for school! or brunch at least

Day #97

Detox day one- meal one- quinoa with almond milk and prunes

Day #98

Just one of those dance party mornings!

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