Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Week 14 of Twenty-14!

Week 14 of '14 was a very special one, no? Had to be, it was birthday week!!! Take a look at what we've been up to.

Day #99
Just a cross section of presents that I wrapped for my little lady. 
Pink and purple palooza!

Day #100
Happy #100!! I never realised that Cassia's birthday fell on the 100th day of the year. If that doesn't mean she's special, I don't know what does!- You too, Aunty Mala :-))

Day #101
Got me some new highlights in time for spring 
I was also watching past episodes of Scandal on my iPad, sipping a latte and reading trashing magazines.

It's party time!

Daddy daughter barrette and necklace making time.
Intense concentration, huh?

Day #104
Happy Monday!
Time for A's morning power shot
Yes, we're those people who wear Christmas pajamas after the season. 
Hey, she's 20 months and hasn't outgrown them yet. 

Hey there Mr. Winter, I've packed my coats and sweaters away and snow pants are a damn pain to put on a squirmy 20 month old. 
What's with this freak snowfall?! It's April 15th!!

And there you have it. 
Happy Hump Day!

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