Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Teeth are falling out in this place-- or maybe being pulled out.

One of the staple topics these last few months have been baby teeth falling off. Cassia is very wistful when other friends at school have spaces in their mouths where their teeth were and keeps wondering when it's her turn. Up to this weekend, when Aunty Ammie and Uncle Mo came to visit (D's cousin and her husband), we also discussed it. At one point, Mo told Cass that the going rate for a tooth was $100. At this point, I turned to her and said "Remember Cass, when you lose your tooth, call Uncle Mo since he promised you $100."

This morning as we were getting ready for the day, Cassia came into my room and said "Mommy, look my tooth came out." And sure enough, there was a tooth in her hand and a gap in her lower jaw. Apparently, she was using her teeth to try to pull something apart and it came off---- ouch! The thing is, she didn't mention it being wobbly to me and D. However, now that it's off, she says that it was feeling a little loose. My theory is that it was weak and broke with some force being applied to it. 

I think she looks cute with the little gap in her mouth. 

Of course, she asked me to call Uncle Mo after the initial excitement wore off. This kid is sharp!

We had a Mommy- Daughter private dinner at Swiss Chalet to celebrate the milestone. 

She can still put down a good meal!

All my teeth are still here.

The famous tooth

Going to bed

Look what the tooth fairy has in store for her! Thanks Aunty Ammie (or her friend) for the certificate  idea.  Things are quite hi-tech now, eh? I The tooth fairy also threw in a fun tooth brush and toothpaste-like she  did for me when I was a kid. 

I will be broke after two kids and all this tooth fairymoney--- at least I have Uncle Mo to help out ;-)

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