Thursday, May 29, 2014

Trip to Tobago

Our trip to Tobago was probably my favourite part of the trip. It was so nice to get some sun, sea and sand in while spending time with our family. For any reader who doesn't know, I was born in Trinidad and Tobago. Tobago is a separate island from Trinidad with an entirely different culture and lots more beautiful beaches. It is more typical of what people think island life is.

The last time we went, it was Darin, me, Cassia, my brother, sister in law and dad. This time, it was my entire family with the exception of my other sister in law- we missed you, M. Two of my aunts also joined us. 

To start, I should say that this was my sister in law, Pryia's idea. She organised everything with everyone (living in three different countries) including airline tickets, the beach house and the cars via email all the while taking care of a baby. She should be a travel agent if she wasn't an attorney--- and if it paid more! And if she wasn't so good at her job! 

Once again, I have too many pics to post so I'm doing some collages.

Here's our gang at the airport. We were armed with sada roti for breakfast, and bake and smoked herring. 

When we got there, we headed to Store Bay for some lunch and some ice cream (for Darin and my Dad, first picture). As soon as we got to the villa, some people jumped in the huge pool with its amazing view of the Atlantic ocean and spent most of the evening there. 

Then my sister in law, like she wasn't busy enough or far enough ahead in the race for aunt of the year, planned this surprise family birthday party for Cassia's 5th. She organised presents, decorations and this beautiful cake for Cassia. Cassia was shocked, excited and so happy--- and she had lots to play with and do for the rest of the trip.

My brother who is  a surprisingly good cook (and a physician , these people are damn over-achievers, I tell you), barbequed for us--- and we had wine--- great night.

The next day, we swam in the pool for most of the day. My aunt, baby brother, D and I  drove around Scarborough, lunched on local fare, and shopped around a bit for fresh stuff for the night's dinner--- curried duck. We also went to the beach for a bit andsplit a ridiculously expensive lobster taco between 4 people. 

This is my family's favourite picture for the entire trip. D, my brother and I were underwater waiting for the pic. 

The grandparents got to spend lots of time with the grand kids. I don't think my mom left the house. 

On Wednesday morning, we packed up, some of them went to the beach, we enjoyed the pool and just relaxed. We had a wonderful time and can't wait for the next vacation together!

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