Friday, May 9, 2014

It's Wedding Time!!

My cousin Rian married his girl, Hana a couple weeks ago in a beautiful wedding in Trinidad a couple weeks ago. All my family were able to come down (with the exception of my new sister in law who's pregnant) and we had such a fun time. Too many pics to post so some collages are in order.

The wedding was in a small presbyterian church in Central Trinidad. Both my ladies were flower girls and one performed the job quite well. I'll leave you to guess which one...First up, Cassia was the first flower girl to walk up the aisle. She took her duties very seriously, walking slowly and gracefully, throwing each petal carefully and totally ignoring her dad and uncle's requests to walk and pelt the petals around like a diva.

Two flower girls down was supposed to be Anjali. The plan was for me to go around the second or third row in the church and then for someone who Anjali doesn't really care for too much to stay with her in the back-- in this case, it was my aunt. I would then get Anjali's attention and she would walk to me. This did not happen. First off, she ran up about three feet, then ran back down the aisle. Also, the entrance for the pews  aisle of the church were cordoned off with decorations making it impossible for me to gracefully pass through. Basically what I had to do was crawl under the decorations ( in my heels and long dress) and crawl down a few feet towards her- all this time on my knees  until I finally got her attention. A junior bridesmaid was taking her stately walk down the aisle and Anjali totally overtook her running down the aisle into my arms. It was the funniest and cutest moment in the church!

As I was too busy crawling around, I didn't get any shots of A as a flower girl but here are a few others.

This was her A walking back down the aisle and her subsequent sulking. She was not a happy kid!

These are some more shots from the church. 

And from outside the church. The two handsome young(ish) men with me are my brothers

We waited around for a bit while the bride and groom took some photos. My girls had more than a dozen phulourie in the meantime as their dinner/snack and so did I! 

I simply love this pic of my little ladies. So much so that it doesn't only belong in a collage but also needs it's own spot. 

And through the reception and after.  

Then it was time for food and some amazing monogrammed cupcakes--- lemon or chocolate with rum for pete's sake- my two favourite things.... kidding- about the rum at least! Wine is more my poison :-)

(didn't take a pic as my camera was so huge)

Party time!

And finally, just a couple shots of the happy couple!

I wish my cousin and his bride all the happiness in the world! It was such a pleasure attending their wedding and seeing such an in-love couple beginning this new chapter in their lives!

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