Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Week 17 and 18

Happy Hump Day. Although because we've had Monday off this week in Canada. This week is going to fly! 

As usual when we're travelling, I'm a little backlogged. Here we go...

Day#120. Still in TNT
The kids were having fun in Gulf City Mall, my old haunt in my teen years. 
It's on this trip that Anjali became an ice cream fan. #sugaraddict

The adults had fun in the night. We went to Port of Spain and had drinks at the Hyatt (pictured here) followed by our friend Roshni's birthday dinner at Prime. 
Anyone who knows me knows that I really avoid sugary drinks but we thought it would make a better tropical picture than my dirty martini.

The kids spent the night at my parents house the night before and we hung out with (and said goodbye :-() to this sweet boy and his folks.

Day #122
I was trying to make them expend some energy before a 6 hour plane ride.

We're not in Trinidad but we brought  back Trini snacks.

Distracting her at Target with cookies.


Getting some sunshine in.

What a daredevil! Climbing up the slide at 21 months!

Everytime I go to take her out of the carseat, shoes go flying off... Seriously, every time. 

Sweet C picked me flowers

Mother's Day!

Because some mornings, we have to put our best foot forward--- in this case, in princess heels.

We went out to eat on a Tuesday. We rarely ever eat out during the week, but it was a special treat!

Last day of KIndermusik for C till September. 

Have a great day!!!

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