Friday, May 30, 2014

5 on Friday

On this Fabulous Friday, some very random stuff that has been going on with us....

1- So some big news though not really new news is that we bought another house since last year-- not to move into currently but we're treating it as a rental for now. It's more than a hundred years old and a bit dated so we need to put some work into it--- fun project within the next few months so I will be posting lots of pictures and updates. Stay tuned!

2- Anjali has been chatting up a storm. She loves to mimic so you have to be very careful with what you say around her. When my mother in law was here, she picked up "Oh, God" from her but in a very trini slang so she was saying it more like--- "Oh Gaad!" She also began grunting when she bent down just like her Ajee. And then the other day, mother of the year that I am, I blurted out "Oh, S!@#" which she began to repeat-- again and again and again. And she also loves to say "bottom".... I've got nothing!

Wicked smile, huh?

3- It's nearing the end of the school year for us and Cassia wants nothing to do with her reading, math and writing... it's only playing and parking (well going to the park) for her! We've been so cooped up all winter, who can blame her!

4- We have fallen off the wagon food wise since we travelled to Trinidad and then Darin's mom came. This week, we are trying our best to get back on track and next week stay the course a bit more.  But it's summer though right? Bring on the raspberry mojitos!

5- Speaking of mojitos, my little herb garden (including my peppermint plant) is thriving, all except for my poor little basil. Maybe it's because I planted it and then it got a bit cold again and the basil couldn't handle it. Boo....We were looking forward to lots of caprese salad this summer!
The empty section is where the basil is supposed to be--- there's a teeny tiny plant there.

And in case you just come here for the pictures of these two....

Taken in TNT  in April
Once again I am linking up with Darci, Caroline, April and Natasha for Five on Friday!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.... lots planned for us--- beginning- NOW!

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