Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend round up

Hello June... when the sun is hot and the days are long! This weekend was a great start to a summer that I can only hope will be epic (stupid Charlie Sheen has ruined that word forever). 

On Friday, we headed out to Mississauga to drop off the kids by our aunt. I then headed out to Toronto for my friend Sonya's stagette. I've known Sonya since high school. She's a very sweet girl who I didn't know very well in high school but we've become closer friends since we've moved here. 

This was the group at the start of the night

The beautiful bride to be

(There are no end of the night pictures for a reason)

The next day, I was sooo tired... I got to bed after two on Friday night and woke up after seven. We had to hightail it out to Cambridge for Cassia's soccer class at 10:30. We then went out for brunch.

A also didn't get her full 11 hours so she was not pleased. 

The rest of the day, we did some gardening, ran errands, had an impromptu playdate, chilled out ordered pizza and watched the last two episodes of Nashville-- by the way I am so in love with the song 'A Life That's Good.' I would marry it if I could--- but I'm taken... and that would be weird! Seriously though, it really resonates with me. 

I have the best husband! On Sunday, I had breakfast outside by myself after I got to sleep in... at least until A came and hijacked a piece of toast--- I always put a bit extra on my plate for my kids--- someone always wants what I'm eating.

We then headed to the rental house to pick out some paint colours while it was nice and light out. 

Someone was done after 1/2 hour!

I then headed out to Oakville for Sonya's high tea bridal shower.

A quick look at the amazing spread. There were also delicious margaritas and sangrias-- my kind of high tea!

Lots of games and advice from all of the aunties.

One of the games was make your own bridal dress. Mine was made out of a couple shawls, newspaper and crepe paper (the red and white bodice is paper!). My team was intense. The lady in the white brought her own props--- it paid off cause we won!!

Sonya and I This girl has in recent years, celebrated many of my life events--- I'm only too happy to celebrate hers now!

I may or may not have won a few games--- not to brag, I seriously am the best at showers. I almost always win!

I then came home to clean, fed babies, a spotless kindergardener's room but a messy rest of house and hungry husband! Oh well, you win a few, you lose a few!

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