Sunday, June 15, 2014

Ten things I've learnt from my father

Last year for Mother's Day, I did a ten things post  about my mom. For Father's Day last year, we were travelling to Malaysia so I didn't get a chance to do the same for my dad.... so here we go!

Here are ten things I've learnt from my dad through the years:
  1. The early bird catches the worm. My dad is always the first to get up in the morning. By the time, we get up, he's usually had his coffee, gone for a run, read the newspaper and gotten ready for the day. A meal for the family might have also been made... just saying. Now that I'm a parent myself, I get up earlier than my kids and I get so much more done in the hour and a half that they're still asleep.... he was onto something. 
  2. Moderation is key- Daddy is never one to do any crazy exercise or diet plan. He's just  generally careful with what he eats, exercises whenever he can and occasionally splurges. He doesn't do excesses but if he does indulge, it's not a big deal. 
  3. Use your time wisely- he simply can't sit still. He's always doing something around the house, fixing something, on the computer or running errands... Anyone who knows me knows I'm exactly the same way--- except I watch tv-- my dad doesn't even do that, except for the news.
  4. Learn to comb your daughter's hair- my dad learnt to comb my hair because my mom used to work some early mornings. I can honestly say he did a better job than my mom ever did making the neatest ponytail that lasted throughout the day.... a huge feat as I had ridiculously long hair
  5. Eat your veggies- my dad doesn't eat a lot of meat but likes his vegetables and fruits. He's very healthy for his age.
  6. Pick up a book- he taught me to read and always encouraged my love of reading, taking me to the library and buying me books as presents for special occasions. 
  7. Hard work pays off--- my dad became a principal a few years before he retired but worked tirelessly as a teacher and a father while still going to school and taking on many different projects. He instilled these values in us while teaching us tirelessly every single evening. 
  8. The importance of in-laws- my dad spends more time with his inlaws, my mom's family, than his own.... incidentally his in-laws treat him very well.  He enjoys his children's in-law company and even my in-laws as well. 
  9. Jack of all trades- my father can paint, tile, lay hardwood, garden, cook and clean.... to name just a few.
  10. Be there for your kids--- my dad was there mornings, afternoons and evenings for us growing up.  HE made breakfasts, run baths, packed lunches, picked us up, taught us and read stories... It sounds like my mom wasn't around much, but it's just that as a nurse, she worked a lot of shifts. 

I should say that when I made my list, it was more than ten and I had to seriously decide which ones made the cut. Though we're not always the most expressive, Daddy, we're very thankful and appreciative of all you did for us growing up. Happy, happy Father's Day!

And to the other very special father in my life, Happy Father's Day, D! You're amazing! Hope you have a wonderful day with your ladies!

And to my very sweet father in law who hasn't had the best year but who still remains so gentle and kind through it all.

And yet another special father.... it's my brother's first Father's Day. Happy Father's Day, Nil! The first of many... Father's Days!! And maybe kids too- who knows?

To all the wonderful fathers out there.... have a great day!!!

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