Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A day in the life

Tomorrow will be the last day of school!! I'm looking forward to having C & A both home for the summer until September when A begins a half day of school as well :-( I figured this was my last chance to do a day in the life post on an ordinary school day! So what better day to do it than a good old fashioned June Monday! 

My day began at 5:30. I begin each day with my tea, vitamins (multi, magnesium and B complex), my to do list and my iPad. 

I then moved to the computer to finish my weekend blogpost, packed D's lunch, made us breakfast smoothies and packed the dishwasher. 

By this time, everyone was up. 

We don't comb our hair in this house apparently.

Someone does not usually wake up in a good mood. Once she got her warm milk, she was fine though.

Then they got dressed, we played, made our beds and tidied up a bit. 

All ready for school

And life apparently life with our purse of rocks and baby. 

En route to school. These days, we listen to Ob-la-di Ob-la-da and A life that's good. They  are very vocal about the song requests, Cassia insisting now it's my turn and A saying, "not that song."

We drop Cassia off to school a little after 8:30 and head to the gym where I drop A off by her favourite lady, Janice, at the gym day care. Seriously, she adores this lady and gives her the biggest hug every time she sees her. I do a quick warm up run (really quick, around 10 mins),  spin class and some light weights. Then we come home.

As soon as we come home, Anjali makes me take off her shoes and stands guard by them-- she might be afraid that I'm leaving her again. 


Then it's lunch around 11. A had soup, chicken, corn and goldfish and I had a chicken salad. This bib didn't stand a chance against this veggie soup with a baby feeding herself. 

We usually put on the tv where I watch one of A's favourite shows Katie or The View. Seriously, she gets very happy when she sees "E.T." (Katie). and begins to clap and say 'Hi E.T."

We've begun to dress ourselves unsuccessfully these days. Our favourites are Cassia's underwear. While she was doing this and playing around,  I tidied up the kitchen and began some prep for dinner. 

11:45- Then she asked me to go to bed. This kid is the easiest to put to bed--- once she is in her own bed though. She gave us lots of trouble to sleep in trinidad. 

Then I get a couple hours for me. I took a shower, got dressed for the rest of the day. I am not a sweatpants/loungewear kind of person and i believe in a bit of makeup daily. I feel way better about myself. Usually, I get an hour of work in but as these days, the company doesn't have as much work, I did a couple of emails and some work for the new house, caught up on some calls, finished dinner and  tidied the guest room. 

Someone woke up... as I said, she's not happy when she first wakes up.

She drinks her fresh juice (diluted), has a snack and is still cranky.

Slowly,  she begins to thaw out. I also have a snack of string cheese and a skinny latte.

3:30- We then get some outside time in. 

At this point, we usually go run our errands. On this day, we went to Target and Bath and Body Works for their ginormous sale. 

Then we picked up Cass at 430. One of A's favourite parts of the day is pick up and playing with Cass and her friends. 

And running down this ramp!

We usually have dinner when we get home but they weren't hungry so instead we wrote thank you cards for the teachers. 

... to go with their end of year presents. We gave them gourmet cookies and a pretty summer candle.... All 6 of them! 

Then we practised our violin but didn't brush our hair!

6 pm - It was nice so we ate outside--- I usually like to feed them in the kitchen as it's much easier for me but decided on this as a treat. They had caprese chicken pasta salad and Darin and I had shrimp quinoa salad. 

6:30- D came home around then and headed straight to the tv for some World Cup while I bathed the kids, dressed them and got them ready for bed--- he does this sometimes but as it's soccer, I gave him a free pass. 

7:30- Some messing around

Some reading practice for C

Some bedtime reading by Mama. 

Some snuggles 

And some more snuggles.

Lights out by 8 for A (late by her standards) and 8:30 for C. 

We then drank something hot (hot water and lemon for me, peppermint tea for D) and watched Mad Men. D stayed up a bit later but I turned in at 9:30 to surf on my iPad a bit and lights were out by 10:15.

And there you have it, a totally ordinary day in our house! 

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