Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Week 24- Loving our everyday life!

More than halfway through the year and 6 months til' Christmas--- just saying! 

Day #169
Last day of school for Cassia! Here we are on the front steps of her Montessori! A will be going there for half days next year as well. 

Day #170
Our summer of fun begins. We made this delicious rhubarb loaf to have for breakfast the next day.

Day #171
My parents came so I was able to sneak out to the hairdresser ! 

Day #172
Posing in Toronto. Sometimes she has such a natural grace about her. #nothermamasdaughter. Anjali on the other hand... let's wait and see.

Day #173
I had such strong tan lines from wearing my Toms all day in Centre Island... and then after wearing these shoes, blisters from my walk on the Danforth. 

Day #174
CN Tower Time.

Day #175
My parents left and I took the girls to the library. They loved the lego board. 

And look who got her .....

Proud mama!

Linking up with Ashley for.....

Happy Wednesday, everyone!!

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