Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Fun this Weekend

Happy Monday! May your week be short and your caffeine strong. In this case, we do have a short week as tomorrow is a holiday here in Canada. Canada Day! We have nothing planned--- designed that way intentionally.

On Friday, we headed to the pool for some summer cool down time. It was just me with the two kids--- and they had so much fun! They didn't want to leave the pool. Logistically, it required some finagling though. I put Cassia in some floaties and held A for the hour + that we were there. When we came home, this mama was beat! We spent the rest of the evening outside. 

Summer eats! 

Mama needs love sometimes

So does sweet daddy!

On Saturday, we did soccer- both inside and out- soccer practice where I was the last minute assistant coach of the day (some people need to respect their commitments, just saying). And then World Cup- 2 awesome matches. Some friends came over to watch the game as well. 

On Sunday, we headed to Toronto for my friend Sonya's early morning wedding--- It was 10 o'clock so not really that early. But it felt like it to us, having to come from more than an hour away. 

We took the kids with us. Let's just say the ceremony was a bit entertaining with Anjali who was making animal songs and dancing to the religious music. I had to bring her inside (the wedding was outside on this beautiful summer day) 

The beautiful couple. Indian weddings are so colourful, festive and pretty. 

After we had a delicious lunch and hung out for a bit. This kid makes friends wherever she goes.

Everyone was tired after such a hectic morning so we ordered in food and had a dance party! 

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Have a wonderful day! 

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