Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Week 23 of 2014- It's the Little Things you wish for!

Here we go once again! Can you believe we are at Week 23 already? Where is the time going? 

Today I'm linking up with Words about Waverly for an "It's the Little Things" link up. What better 'little things' to capture than our everyday moments?

Also linking up with Leslie for What You Wish Wednesday

Day #162- 
We lost another tooth just two weeks after the first one! And she's only 5 years old! Where is my baby going. By the way, she's wearing her nightgown backwards.... it's her thing. However, the second tooth only got a shiny quarter--- which incidentally she loved more than her $5 bill. Somebody needs to do some more math!

Day #163
First Day of World Cup! We had some friends over to watch the game and at night this was D horsing around with his Brazil shirt and Portuguese soccer ball. #confused

Day #164
On most days I let A hang out in the backyard while I clean up/start dinner. The shoes fly off and the fun begins!

Day #165
Love my sweeties

Day #166
Happy Father's Day to an amazing dad. I'm so blessed to be raising my children with this special boy!

Day #167
Sisters snuggling at bedtime. Life doesn't get any better than this.

Day # 168
I spent most of my day changing the look of my blog to a more summery one only to not like it after all. 

Speaking of which, do you like the new look? The brand marketer in me wanted something fun, bright and less seasonal. Me and Pic Monkey worked into the wee hours of the night to get it done. 

Happy Wednesday y'all (Bachelorette fans would get that one)!!
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