Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

Well these days, I am what I'd like to call a World Cup Widow.... at least for the next month. Soccer is always on, we bought lots of beer and taught the kids to shout 'gooooaaaalllllll' when our team of choice scores. This weekend Darin wanted to do absolutely nothing for Father's Day except watch soccer.... bahaha!

On Friday night, we invited some of our neighbours over. Raspberry mojitos anyone? PS. I finally was able to use some of that mint that's been growing like a weed in my herb garden

My sweeties and I on Saturday morning. D was of course watching the World Cup.

Cassia had a playdate and her friend's parents told us to join them for a beer after. One beer turned into more and snacks and then dinner. Cassia was thrilled and so was Anjali as she loved Cass's friend's older sister. (I did as well, I hope my girls turn out like this kid--- so sweet and responsible)

This is Cassia's friend from preschool but they've kept in touch.

The kiddie table

Father's Day--- a painted rock was in that bag

And lots of clothes in this. I chose well as nothing has to be returned for D--- a major feat-- he is very particular with his clothes.

He then decided that he wanted to go for a Father's Day hike. The day was gorgeous so we headed out. 
We went to an area close to our new house. 

D says this looks like the beginning of a safety video--'what not to do on a railroad.'

Our little trooper who really, really wanted pancakes... seriously... We usually do chocolate chip pancakes for special occasions so she was not happy when I decided to do a special trinidadian treat (saltfish with avocados- similar recipe here) instead for D's breakfast. 

The sweetest photo

Another good one

Seemed like a photo op at the time but instead ended up looking a little weird.

Someone was so tired from the night before, she took three naps on Father's Day!

This is the view of our house from the other side. I am falling more and more in love with the land space.

Then we headed to Cora's for pancakes!

And chilled out in our back yard. 

And found a new way to play with bubbles.. it was empty, don't worry!

And had more raspberry mojitos.

Hope everyone had an amazing Father's Day!!!

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