Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Week 22- Everyday life in 2014

And here we go, another great week! Summer's tiring but so much fun!

Day #155
Parent teacher conference followed by a sushi treat for my main squeeze and I--- okay, only squeeze but main sounds better. 
Dinner is way more relaxing without the kids there... though we probably talk about them 85% of the time

Day #156
Our local supermarket gives kids a cookie. As soon as Anjali enters the store, she begins to beg for one but gets sick of it after a while so mama ends up having to eat a half cookie-- not that I mind. 

Day #157
Jazz hands--- with sand. We have the same table but I am so not getting sand for mine!

Day #158
Took my girls for a 5 minute walk--literally 5 minutes and they needed a break!

Day #159
I am in the process of purging all our baby stuff. I took a pic of my peg perego to sell. It sold yesterday and I was so sad to see it go.

After many attempts, this was our Monday morning smile. You should have seen the one before.

Day #161
So happy--- my new book is here. Let the summer reading officially begin.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, ma' peeps!

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