Friday, June 27, 2014

Hairy Situations

Happy Friday, friends (and family)! Hope everyone is gearing up for a wonderful summer weekend. We have a wedding to go to, soccer practice and of course World Cup.... which I must say I kind of like for all the drama--- it's kinda like a really good bad reality tv show--- I mean even the Khardashians don't bite people. 

Linking up for Show us your Life with Kelly's Korner. This week, SUYL is focused on Hair Tips. I am all about the hair. I love reading hair tips  and trying different products but have difficult hair. On one hand, I have very thick, lush hair.  On the other, my hair is so thick and a bit course so it's not very manageable. I can't be a wash and go person. I have to get a blow out or do something with my hair otherwise I'm a mess... and not a hot mess.... just a mess.

This is after the hairdresser--  I hardly ever get it like this on my own. 

So here are my tips for difficult to manage hair.

1- Find a hairdresser who works for you and not against you. I looked and looked before I found that I finally was able to manage my hair. But over the summer, in Malaysia, my hair was getting to difficult to style so I had to get a cut there. I went to what I thought was a good mall but the guy seriously butchered my hair. Layers started from the middle of my head. Let's just say it was not a good look! I should have just waited until I got back home.

2- Beware of poor quality hair appliances- Like the bad hairdresser wasn't bad enough, this year I bought a cheaper than usual flat iron- I still spent like $30 on it but it damaged my hair a bit. There are certain parts that got so brittle! My hairdresser advised using tourmaline even if you have to pay a bit more. This one isn't that much more though so I bought one... I just got it last week and it's great!

3- Hot Rollers are da' bomb- On a lazy day when I'm not in the mood to blow out my hair, I just throw in some hot rollers, keep them in while I'm doing some chores and I'm good to do. A great time saver!

4- Don't wash your hair everyday. That's one of my  hairdresser's tips (and Dr. Oz's- aka Mr. Controversy these days). It can really dry your hair out. Every other day or every third day (when I don't work out) is okay for me. For those days, I use dry shampoo but you have to wash your hair the day after. This is the one I use. 

5- And while we're on that one--- wash only a part of your hair from time to time. . I may sound like a little bit of a piggie with all the unwashed hair tips but  this is one of the best tips I've gotten from my friend Louise. On a day that you really don't have time to wash your hair but want that freshly washed look, wash the first 1-2 inches of your hair and style it... looks great and HUGE time saver. However, the rest of your hair can't be greasy with a freshly washed first two inches.

There you go, can't wait to read every one else's tips!

And in case you just come here for these cuties, here they are on Wacky Hair Day.

*Also linking up with Amanda for Friday Favourites. Have a wonderful weekend everyone. 

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