Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Hair clip hassles

As a bonafide accessorizer myself, I understand the need for a hair clip to finish off an outfit. When my girls were babies, I bought matching outfits and headbands or hats. Before my kids had actual hair, I would buy the special baby grippy clips to attach onto their fine hair. I may or may not have also put a sticker on A's head before she had enough hair for a clip.... 

A hat is also a fine option!

As is a fascinator!

In Cassia's old daycare, she began to lose her fancier gymboree and cloth clips so I then purchased lots of packs of Goodie cheapo plastic clips like the kind I grew up with. But still, we would still buy more nice clips as well as the seasons and colours changed and if we saw anything different. And then, when C got her hair cup short and it could no longer fit into a ponytail, we began to buy headbands-- the fancier the better. And of course, when I say 'we', I refer to the royal we as I don't think that Darin's ever bought a clip... it's all me... with some pressure from Cass sometimes.

So getting back to the topic, as I've been purging our house this last month, every.single.room I've cleaned, every container, every little nook has had at least one hair clip. There have been hair clips on dolls, in toy boxes, in bathrooms and on shelves. 

Case in point: Anjali's blanket that I keep on the floor to change her.

In A's sock drawer (it's a mess, one of this week's projects)

On our console

A crayon or a clip- your choice.
Incidentally, this is a very pretty shot, no?!

But yes, we have too many clips and every-single-day I usually have to gather up a bunch. I tell you sometimes it drives me berserk! I know it's the small stuff, but still!

This is what happens when Cassia fixes her clips....

And when mama does...

Also, this hairclip holder below has made hair clip organising much much easier. You can make it yourself like here  or here. I've done it before and it's not too complicated. I found this one exactly matching Cassia's room decor though, in Homesense. I can't find similar ones to buy online but Amazon has this one 

This is once again what happens when Cassia gets into the mix.

And when mama takes charge. 

So it continues.... and I have a feeling that even though the holder and our drawer is full, there is always room for more hair clips.... In fact as I was googling some of the embedded links, I found some more clips I like. I might have an obsession addiction problem!

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  1. love the hair clip organizer and we do the same thing with hairbands.


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