Friday, June 13, 2014

Transitioning to the little kid's room- tips and tricks

This room has been around for 2 years so far but I just realised this week that I've never posted pictures of it. This blog is a bit of a memory box for my girls so I really should capture the rooms that they spend so much of their early lives in. 

When we found out we were having another baby, we realised that we needed to move Cassia out of the nursery(as this room shared a wall with the master and we could hear those newborn was easier). We wanted to make her excited about the room and having her own big girl furniture. Her favourite colour at the time (and still is) was purple so she naturally wanted a purple room... she said purple but meant light purple or lilac.  Mama however was not about to paint an entire room lilac. Lilac is a colour that I think kids can outgrow quickly and I personally did not think I would really appreciate staring at those walls day in, day out. So we built a room based on lilac and purple elements. 

Tip #1- Careful with the colour you choose. 'favourite' colours could look dated quickly... or you/they may get tired of it soon. 

We then started to think about what her needs were right now and what eventually she would need from the room. We basically wanted a bed firstly- but a double as we sometimes have lots of relatives coming to visit and she would be kicked out of relocated from her room. However, as the room wasn't the largest, we wanted a low footboard for the bed. We decided on this one from Land of Nod. Apart from her closet, she needed a place for clothes, toys and books. So we got her a dresser, bookshelf,  toy chest and threw in a nightstand for future use as well. 

Tip#2- Be aware of present and future use for the room. Also, consider the size of the furniture relative to the size of the room.

Eventually, we will put a desk into the room and remove the toychest but with the scale of furniture, it will be easy to do. 

We started by looking at different kid furniture and bedding sites and making our selection from there. I loved the Pottery Barn Bedding Sets and signed up for their emails/sales. I'm a fan of more contemporary bedding but I wanted it to be fun for her as well so I got this one from PBK and went from there. Our is no longer available but these are some similar options, here and here. 

Tip #3: Bedding, artwork or an ornament is a good place to start building from colourwise. 

From there, we chose the wallpaper. I could have just left the walls a basic neutral, but we wanted to put in a wallpaper- lilac walls ( per Cassia's request) but subtly so (per mama's). Also, we chose to do chair-rails to divide the room so it wasn't too much wall paper as well- easy to replace for a refresh later on.

Tip #4- Cut the colours by using chair-rails and wall paper or even paint half the room. 

Then my friends, the fun began. I began scoring online and stores for key little elements that would be interesting for me her to look at. I created a pinterest board and everything!

Tip #5 Bare walls= no fun. Fill your walls with artwork that bring together the elements of the room.

I got these pieces off Etsy and used PBK frames. 

PBK board once more. 

Yes, that's Cassia. That was from a photoshoot we did. This is an investment piece that we will give her when she goes into her own home. 

I am usually not a fan of decals but couldn't resist this one from Land of Nod. 

I'm not done yet. I initially thought I would get her this but it might be a little late now so I'll think of something else. 

And then it was all about the little details, each teeny tiny lilac detail. I looked in stores, online and everywhere for little stuff that she would like. I still look ever so often actually. 

The top two are from Homesense and the bottom two from PBK. 

TIp #6- Take your time. I'm still doing stuff to this room.

The curtains were custom as we couldn't get one with a purple ribbon in the middle. 

So there you have it. Cassia's little room. It is such a sunshiny, happy place. A special place for her and her stuff.... at least when A doesn't get into everything--- and pull all her clothes down from the shelf and her books from her shelves. 

PS. This is Cassia's artwork from her room. It basically says no boys, only girls. Girls bring flowers and rainbows... makes total sense to me!!

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