Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What's on.... My (very simple) bucket list!

I simply love Andrea's link-up series!! Fun ideas when you blog almost every weekday and sometimes are stuck for different topics!

I love a good bucket list but the thing is I like to enjoy each day as much as I possibly can and appreciate the joy in the imperfection. So many wrong things happen, I like to celebrate all the little right ones that do. So truth be told, I don't really have much of a bucket list but here are a few things I'd like to see happen (or continue to happen) in my life going forward.


I'll never be as skinny as I was in my twenties but I think that I am fitter and healthier than I have been in recent years.... I'd like to continue that streak going forward.... and maybe lean out some more in the process. I'd like to continue to work-out and eat clean as much as humanly possible. There's a saying in my gym--- Exercise is a form of self respect. I 100% agree with that and want to continue that going forward. And I feel way, way better when I get those fruits and veggies in. 

At Home Life

I'm at home with my girls right now doing some very part time stuff. I won't be doing this forever, but I would like to find some sort of path to continue to be there for my girls and D but have something I can do on my own... cryptic much? ;-)

Making Friends

In Canada, we don't have a lot of family. D has always been a strong advocate of making strong connections in our city. I'd really like to continue to do that and step outside my comfort zone with different people, places and situations. C has it down to a science on the playground. She looks around, finds someone her age and runs up to them asking them if they want to play with her... cool, huh?


I'd really, really love to learn my new DSLR a bit more, take some classes and become a more professional photographer... especially with this blog. Sometimes I look at my pics and just shake my head. 


What's a bucket list without travel? 

That is so me right now when we travel! But in time.... 

I'd really like to visit some more European cities and countries... Greece, Spain and more cities in France and Italy are on my list. I would love to see both city and country life there.... and I cannot wait until my girls are old enough so the four of us can enjoy travelling together. 

Doing Good

 Right now, the girls have me so busy but I'd like to devote some more time to charity work. Yes, we donate very often and I'm in a couple local charity committees but I would definitely like to do some more stuff going forward. 

So that's my very tame bucket list! What about you? What exciting things do you have on your bucket list?

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  1. I love your view with your bucket list! So many things to accomplish in different venues of our daily lives. Cute blog - thank you for stopping by mine!! Look forward to reading more of your posts :)

  2. Great post! I'd love to go back to Italy - especially now with my husband! :) We want to go, but I'm sure travelling to Europe with kids will be crazy!
    Katie @ Sweet Little Ones

  3. I love these goals! They are so simple, yet so personal and genuine. I hope you are able to reach all of them!! :)


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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