Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My toddler's playlist

I make six trips a day to the girls' school- well three to and three from: in the am, at lunch time to pick A up and in the evening for C.  I very rarely get to listen to my own tunes on my playlists. Instead, most times, there is a mighty two year old in the back who loooves her music and is a little Napolean when it comes to whatever song comes on. She listens to a few beats and then proceeds to tell me if she likes the song or whether I should change it.... in a kind of demanding way-- i.e. 'Mommy, not that song. I no like it! '

A's playlist includes:

Let it Go from Frozen- The Adele Dazeem version- bahaha!
Hey Soul Sister by Train.... or as she would say 'Hey Soul Stista'
Dhole Taro Dhole Baje- a Bollywood song-- she calls this one 'Da da da da da-dun da da' because the first few beats sound like this. 
Kitty Cat by Edwin Yearwood-- a Trinidadian (kind of risque) soca tune
Cups by Anna Kendricks
Time for Africa by Shakira

(at this point, you're probably wondering about my eclectic taste music)

Most times I acquiesce if she asks nicely enough. Then she grabs her ear and begins to zone out listening to the music but  I get a little quiet time, so win-win right? 

What about you? What songs do you rock out to? Does your little one have a special song (s)?

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PS- Cass loves to listen to different tunes but is not as picky. She does love Jar of Hearts and every time a love song comes on, she asks me what we 'did' to this song. i.e. first dance, cutting our cake, going to the hospital for our first baby etc.... she is very disappointed when I don't have an answer for every song!  

PPS. Speaking of playlist, has anyone downloaded Songza yet? A truly great app for playlists for any mood, any age any event... Try it, trust me!! PS> It's free!!!

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  1. Fun mix! My eldest (she's 5) right now loves "All About the Base" - but I think Let it Go would also make her playlist.

    When she was 3 her favourite was Nikki Minaj Pound the Alarm. She still refers to it as "her" song :).

    And six trips? Ooof! - Louise

  2. Love this! My girls at work like a lot of these

  3. Whaaaattt?? You mean Shake It Off isn't on that play list? Ha! I swear Lily asks for that song no less than 10 times during a 15 minute car ride.

  4. We all love how the girls know all the words of each song and how cute they look while singing especially little A. It sure is amusing how they both sing Soul Sisters.

  5. haha, I'm sure people question my musical tastes when they hear the songs my kids love, too! Right now, favorites include anything from Frozen or the Lion King, plus Taylor Swift's "shake it off" and "counting stars" by One Republic.


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