Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Everyday Life

Happy Wednesday and Happy Thankgiving Eve to all my American friends and family.  Because of my trip tomorrow, I'm getting busy with a lot of organising, prepping and packing--- I don't want my family to eat takeout every single day--- and with D in charge and working long hours then having to do pick up and drop off that's what may happen if I don't prep a meal or two…. so I shall cook-- at least for a couple meals--- and then my family won't eat pizza all weekend. Just half of the weekend… 

Onto our everyday life pics--- 1 pic a day, everyday in 2014.

Day #318
I was flat out sick but this chick made me laugh, hijacking a soother (this was Cassia's soother when she was a baby) and refusing to let it go. Sidenote, she does not usually use one but took a fancy to this one. #sistergerms

Day #319
Took my girls out for Swiss Chalet-- a massive undertaking when you're getting over a bug. There was juice spilling, tears because the pasta didn't taste right and lots of fries being eaten

Day #320
We went to a very cool science party--- our friends Alex and Jenn had one for their five year old son.  You know, Jenn & Alex from the Frozen Party fame? The kids were captivated by all the cool experiments Alex did and the Trash Pack cake he baked. Now C can't decide what she wants to do for her birthday! I'm thinking a grocery store sheet cake and a pat on the back but she has other plans---  and her birthday is about 5 months away, in case you were wondering. 

Day #321
It was freezing but my kids bundled up and headed out into the back yard.

Day #322
Monday nights are DWTS nights

DAy #323
I had to take my E Shakti shots and D of course took a few candids. Needless to say, this one did not make the cut

Day #324
I tell A smile and this is what I get! #noflashmama

Day #325
Snow is so pretty but shovelling is not! #freezinginnovember

Also know as the day A went to town on the peppers!

Day #326
Because Friday mornings are made for dancing!

Hope my American friends have a wonderful Thankgiving!
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  1. I bet you loved the finale! After Lea left I didn't care who won. All of the dancers were awesome!

  2. What a great momma you are! I love seeing all of your photos. I am sure your little girls would make you feel better in any situation!! Happy Thanksgiving to you...we are definitely preparing here. Blessings for a great rest of your week! xoxo

  3. A grocery store cake + a pat on the back = my kind of birthday planning! Thankfully Ezzy can't voice a real opinion yet ;)

    And yay, Alfonso!

  4. A science party, what a cool idea! Oh and btw, choosing my battles has definitely been my mantra as of lately!!!

  5. Hahaha!! I love kids' smiling faces! The candid shot of you putting on the shoe is not half bad :)

    Love the snow but I would not want to live in it due to the shoveling and disarray it can cause. Beautiful photos

  6. What a fun week! Love looking at these snapshots into your life with your girls.


Hearing from you makes me so happy!!

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