Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Fun

We had lots of fun this Halloween. Here are just a few pics of our spooky day! 

Here we are as Red Robin. This was at school for her Halloween play. The 'big kid' group wrote and starred in their own play... C was one of two who had a line-- her teachers said that she really wanted to say a line. This kid loves the stage! She smiled from beginning to end of her performance.... except of course in this shot!!

PS. She was Red Robin. A total figment of her imagination. Her teacher helped her to make a costume!

And here we are with Elsa. This is the first year that I let my kid dress as a Disney Character... but truth be told, I don't mind Elsa too much. She's smart and strong and a good leader!

I put a touch of makeup on her and she loved it!

My little birdie--- C told me that A was a sparrow!

Elsa and her birdie!

All decked out to go. Our neighbour showed up toTrick or Treating at our house and we went together. We also met a friend and her kids along the way.

Little A- it was her first time Trick or Treating... She looved it and was very mad when I tried to help her hold her bucket!

it's a good thing I came home when I did. We found Shrek (D) giving one teeny tiny fun sized candy to each kid... I bought enough to give each kid a bag of chips and a couple pieces as well!

All the spoils....

Sorting out the candy!

Hope everyone had an amazing Halloween filled with lots of sugar and fuN!!!-- Kit Kats are my poison...

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  1. C looks so grown. I'm so glad your beautiful family had a great weekend!

  2. Love how in character Cass was in her costume... The pics looked like poor A was her pleb subject... Love it plus they both looked so cute

  3. What a fun night! My husband tends to be that way with the candy too. He is always so worried we will run out even though I always buy more than enough!

  4. So cute! Your girls are so beautiful. Ironically...three girls and no Frozen costumes!! I was shocked:) How fun!

  5. The girls seem to enjoy themselves immensely, Cass more than her sister, the costumes was suitable for their age and personality, they looked adorable.


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