Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Come on in.... to my little laundry room!

When we were looking for a house more than five years ago, D was all like "It must have a laundry room on the upper level." I was like "Meh, whatevs. I like the window seat in that house." Note, this was pre-kids so I had no idea of the mountains of laundry that would ensue in the upcoming months. I didn't see the big deal in having a basement laundry room like we did in our last house.Thankfully, in this situation my husband had more foresight than I did. So yes, given the amazing amount of laundry I do (with my five year old, she tries on something and tries to put it in the wash), the best part of my little laundry room is that it is upstairs with all of the bedrooms. Even though I like to bring my laundry downstairs sometimes to fold while I'm watching TV.... but I digress.

And then the house didn't come with the washer and dryer so D's like "Wouldn't it be cool to get a coloured washer and dryer?" In my eight months preggo state, I once again was ambivalent and just went along with it. So that's how we got our fire-engine red washer and dryer. And you know what? Having a brightly coloured washer and dryer does make doing laundry in the winter months that much more fun.... well as fun as laundry ever could be! And almost every single person who has seen our washer and dryer has commented on how much they love the colour.

So not to give him total credit.... but he really deserves it... he also got a nicer sink installed and a small laundry sorter to put right next to the washer also.... both Lowe's purchases. All of us have hampers in our room  so that sorter is for our towels, sheets and kitchen stuff.

There's no space for hanging stuff as I just hang them in our respective bedrooms immediately. There is however tons of room for storing cleaning supplies and laundry detergent.

The laundry is not totally complete. I really want to get some fun artwork and maybe some cool cupboard door knobs whenever next Anthro has a huge sale.

So yes, this is D's room... his labour of love if you will... for his wife who does all his laundry :-)

While we're at it, here are a few laundry tips to make life easier:
1- Do your laundry after 7 at night or on weekends. People, the savings really add up and it's great for the environment. If you have a newer washer, you can even set the time.
2- Fold your clothes as soon as it gets out of the dryer nice and warm--- cuts down big time on the ironing.
3- A couple tennis balls in the dryer also cut down on the wrinkles without the dryer sheets. 

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  1. It's amazing how both of you transformed a small room into a comfortable laundry room, with two fiery red washer and dryer, large enough sinks, laundry sorting baskets, cupboards with organized detergents, good job.

  2. That bright red definitely makes doing laundry seem a little cheerier - love it!

  3. Love your laundry room. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  4. Jealous!!! Love it!! I would not mind one bit doing laundry in that room ;)

  5. I love the red washer & dryer!
    Having a sink right there is super helpful!


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