Friday, November 7, 2014

The all natural favourites!!

Happy Friday!! We have a relaxing weekend planned with just a couple errands and plans with friends... I do have a hair cut planned though... my hair is so dry, it looks like the 'before' in a shampoo commercial.

I love learning about new and different contemporary health trends and trying whatever I think would work for us. So for this edition of Friday favourites, I thought I would share a couple of those I've been trying these past couple weeks.... 

Coconut oil with coffee

 Okay well not the breast milk these days here... True story: there's this older lady in my new gym with the most awesome body and she has all this energy ( I think she spends like more than two hours in the gym everyday.) One day, she told us that she has a spoon of coconut oil and coffee in the morning. Being a total copy cat, I've tried it myself but blended together-- just coffee, coconut oil and a bit of stevia-- the oil emulsifies and turns the coffee creamy so you really, really don't miss the cream/milk. It even froths up on top too... like a latte. Best of all, it's a great pre-work out filling meal with all those MCT fats in it! And it does give you the promised energy! It doesn't work as well with tea-- it turns it creamy but no real froth to the top. But I am sold, at least for a couple mornings a week!

 Oil pulling

#donthinkimweird ....Speaking of coconut oil, I've tried oil pulling quite a few times these past few weeks for the promised benefits. Basically, it's swishing around a spoon of oil in your month for 10-20 minutes and then spitting it out. It's kind of gross at first but you get used to it. I do advise multitasking while doing it though.... and brushing your teeth after for all the benefits... It's early but we shall see if it helps with anything. 

Homemade soap anyone?

And because we have awesome family,  D and I got from an awesome little package from his cousin for Divali: Homemade body butter, soap and lip balm, made with totally organic and natural products including coconut oil, essential oils and shea butter. The whipped consistency of the body butter is so light but emollient, I literally feel like I am doing my skin a favour putting the butter on it.


I've spoken of my love of smoothies before, but has anyone else tried hemp or chia seeds in their smoothies? Tons of protein, fibre and healthy fats without all the additives of those protein powders the health food stores have. And really no flavour. Watch the amount you put in though- a couple teaspoons is plenty to make sure you don't overload on the calories (if you're trying to watch your caloric intake)

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  1. I love hearing about all of these things, because I don't have the time to research! Thanks for sharing:) I have heard so many great things about coconut oil!

  2. I tried the oil pulling for awhile and then kinda forgot about it. Oops. Love chia seeds in my smoothies too!

  3. I have always wanted to try oil pulling! It seems like there are so many benefits to it!

  4. I have heard such great things about oil pulling - such a weird name that makes it sound complicated, but your post assures me it isn't! Love how chia seeds kind of plump up in smoothies. Great list!

  5. I am a huge fan of oil pulling. I have been doing it every day for about 6 months and have seen such a difference! My teeth are no longer as sensitive and are a lot more white :) I can't wait to try homemade soaps - such a great idea!

  6. I never tried oil pulling frankly but thanks to your post that I know someone who tried it for real. Will definitely give it a chance :) Nice blog and your family is way too cute .


  7. This is great! I have coconut oil but don't use it often enough. I really want to strive to be more natural too.

  8. This is great! I have coconut oil but don't use it often enough. I really want to strive to be more natural too.

  9. I bought some coconut oil but haven't used it yet. I like the idea of using it in coffee in the morning!

  10. I don't know about your crazy oil pulling shenanigans, but totally want to try the coconut oil in the coffee trick! See you soon lady!


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