Friday, November 6, 2015

Five finds this Friday!

Usually I have a mish mash of favourites but this week it's all about all sorts of finds from all sorts of places. Friday 

1- Look at these wine markers I just ordered after seeing them on Kaitlin's blog. Isn't this perfect for the holiday season? I don't know about anyone else but I'm always misplacing my glass!

2- Speaking of wine, I've always loved my friend Jenn's wine glasses for their thin rim and perfect size.  Went to buy them and found out Bay Days (sort of like Macy's Days) is today and tomorrow. Totally put them on hold and I'm going back for them very soon.  I'm smart like that :-)

3- Okay I know technically pumpkin season is coming to an end but BBW 's Pumpkin Coconut has officially tied with Pumpkin Pecan Waffles as my favourite fall scent. Pumpkin and coconut= match made in heaven.

4- I'm a tea snob but I must say Tea India's Chai Moments are a favourite this week. Check out my post on them earlier this week.

5- And Amazon for the win again! Look at this blanket scarf for just $16! 

This weekend's plan of my cousin and brother visiting has me stoked. That and today when he brings my kids back but I have a whole chunk of today to myself to do some random stuff. Alone time is so rare around here. 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

And just in case you come here for some cuteness:

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  1. Pumpkin coconut sounds lovely! Enjoy your weekend!!

  2. Happy Friday, Sarita! Look at your sweet girls -- how adorable!! :) I haven't tried that pumpkin coconut scent ...sounds wonderful! Loving the blanket scarf! Hooray for the great price too! Enjoy your alone time today and a fun weekend ahead with family!! xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  3. the wine markers are such a great idea!! I love that sweet photo of your girls! Hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Those wine markers are such a great idea to havre around for the holidays!!

  5. LOVE that pumpkin coconut candle, and how fabulous are those wine markers?!

    Happy Friday gurlie <3

    Green Fashionista

  6. LOVE that scarf so much. It is adorable. Those polka dot dresses are super sweet too!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. We must be soul sisters....those are the two candles burning at my house right now!!


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