Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Saturday adventures

 As we're heading into the fall, the sunny days are becoming less and less and the temperatures are dropping. Like most Canadians, we check the weather at the beginning of the week to see if there is some sort of sunshine and an iota of warmth. This last Saturday was one of those days. When we saw there was a nice day, after our gymnastics and buying Cassia's ice skates, we headed out of town for an afternoon of activities. 

Our first stop was the Elberta Country Market where we stopped for some fresh local produce. My mother in law especially loved that stop, choosing her favourite- corn on the cob. Cass loved the petting 'zoo' (there were three goats and five chickens) and loved letting a goat lick her hand-- that kid is way braver than I am!

We then headed across to the Brantwood farms for some apple picking! I didn't know such a treasure existed close to our home. As it was early in the season, it wasn't too busy so we got our pick of delicious, red, juicy apples. Cass climbed on her dad's shoulders and chose the biggest ripest apples from the most hard to reach places. She also ate quite a few apples- we all did. There was also a little fall area with some games, mazes and kid stuff to do. Let's just say the adults got in on the action as well!

Our final stop was this little sleepy town of Paris, a tiny community on the banks of the Grand River. We strolled along the town, checked out the river and finally had dinner at a restaurant overlooking the water... a lovely end to a very special September day.

Checking out the tomatoes at our first stop

mini pumpkin anyone?

My sweet girl is getting so big!

The witches of Eastwick

Some sista' love
Beautiful gala apples
Apple picking

Someone's trying to fit a whole apple in his mouth!

Seriously, y'all better catch me if I fall!
Apple catapult

Let's go to Paris

Here we are in the town!

The Grand River

Splitting some pasta with her sis

Having some dinner

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