Saturday, September 7, 2013

What a week!

This summer has flown by... with our trip to Malaysia and Singapore, our return to Canada and my brother's wedding in NYC, I feel like we've barely touched on a Canadian summer and now it's unofficially autumn. In a way, I am so happy for the return to routine. Now we can start back putting the girls on a proper schedule, purge the house (a BIG project), return to our clean eating and fitness routine and settle back finally into life into Canada. This week was a big one with lots going on everyday!

On Sunday, we had the first Annual Pre-Labour Day -Wear White- Father Son Cookoff

On Monday, we flew back to Canada and had a lovely Labour Day/Mo's Birthday Lunch at Ammie and Mo's house where we met their new pet, Charlie. Anjali was overenthusiastic with the puppy playing with his toys, reaching for his face and even grabbing him at the scruff of his neck at one point.

In the airport having a pre-flight breakfast

There is a dog in the pic, believe it or not

Here's the first day of school  on Tuesday.

My sweet friend China and her new husband Yuichiro from Japan came to spend the night at our place. The adults also managed to go out to for a bit for a nice dinner.

On Wednesday, my in-laws came to visit. No, they didn't come dressed like that. This is a lovely shot of them for my brother's wedding.

Here we are shopping in Bed, Bath & Beyond on Thursday. My generous mother-in-law gifted us with a Vitamix. Life will never be the same. 

As you may have realized, I also joined Instagram this week and went a bit overboard with editing this image

On Friday, we headed to Toronto to meet up once again with China, Yuichiro and some other friends from my MBA, many of whom I have not seen in more than seven years. #slightlyshameful. We went to this lovely Lebanese restaurant and then for some amazing gelato. A fantastic night! 

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