Friday, October 10, 2014

Favourites on Friday

Happy Friday, friends. My three aunts and mom from NYC are coming for the weekend. It's actually Thanksgiving here in Canada.... and one of my aunts is a really great cook. Score! 

1- The Wiggles Show

I don't usually get my kids anything big for their birthday. To me, their party is gift enough and they end of getting so much from friends and family! I do buy them a little experience after though. A is obsessed with The Wiggles so when they came to Kitchener, we bought tickets. She didn't understand where we were going but she had a wonderful time. We went for dinner early at a restaurant across the street and then headed down. Both girls loved it but C did not sit down. She was up dancing for the entire thing. A got tired (it ended at eight o'clock after all) but she is still talking about it! 

I bought a little treat for us to enjoy.... $12 for what would be usually be $5.

So excited

Do the propeller!

2- Lovely Jacket

We've gotten great mileage out of this jacket I bought C.... She has gotten great use out of it! Gymboree has such wonderful outerwear for kids. This one is sold out now though. 

3- Target Finds

No that no spend September is over, I've returned to Target for a little fall shopping. I got these fall wreaths for the door. The lighting sucks but they're this lovely neutral colour.

And these neutral pumpkins- sense a theme here people?

And then these fall plates for the girls! The dollar section rocks! 

I also bought a Jawbone Up 24 for myself-- I'm getting it tomorrow when the folks come. Anyone a fan?

4- What's Your Skill?

C reported to me that in this house we all have talents. Daddy does the best hair (he seriously does a great blowout on the girls), Mommy's talent is  clothes (why thank you, hon), hers is dance (I think she might be right) and A's is crying.... I've got nothing!

5- Favourite Picture

We were just horsing around and she had the most infectious giggle on her face. Most of the time the moment passes too quickly for a picture but in this case, I got very lucky. Doesn't she look boo-tiful?

Have a wonderful (long for lots of us) weekend everyone! Mine will be filled with family, food and fun! (And lots of turkey of course)

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  1. I love the Wiggles' music. It's so fun! I adore your d├ęcor. It's so festive and perfect for the entire fall season.

  2. Those pumpkins from Target are perfect - I'm going to have to stop by and see if I can find some this weekend!! Hope you have a great time with your family celebrating Thanksgiving!!

  3. Look at that sweet girl! Love that picture of her! Seriously Target for the win always! Thanks so much for linking up!!

  4. omg! Love the wreaths!!!! Your girls are so adorable!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canadian blogger! Enjoy your family.

  6. I'm in LOVE with those gorgeous pumpkins! I need to check Target out!

  7. I LOVE the target finds, but your "fav. picture" is just the cutest! What a darling girl!! Have a great weekend!

  8. Oh, can't believe the Wiggles are still performing! My kids loved the Wiggles! We took my daughter when she was 15 months and doesn't remember a thing! Your girls are the perfect age to see them!

  9. She does look bootiful! And I love that comment about everyone in the house having talents. Too funny :)


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