Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Everyday Life Photos- week 40 and 41

It's that time of the month, folks... well, the second time of the month. Yep, an onslaught of photos from our everyday life! In 2014, I decided to take a picture of our lives everyday in 2014 to document all the little happenings.... and it's a whole lot of little stuff!

Here we go!!

Day 277
C did A's hair and then decided to be scary... 

Day 278
Our friends/family came over and we made fresh margaritas but didn't buy any tequila so we had to open this bottle of Patron from about 5 years ago... It was still in the wrapping and all! Needless to say, they were pretty good margaritas!

Day 279
HEr first visit to the farmer's market with me. She had 3.5 plums for lunch!

Day 280
Some pumpkin patch fun

Day 281
What, don't your kids try to balance a spoon on their head during dinner?  Sidenote,
it was a dirty soup spoon. Of course, bath time was right after. 

Day 282
Here they are at the Wiggles Concert, doing "the propeller"

Day 283
I might have forgotten to take a picture on this date so my nephew is standing in!

Day 284
My sweet, sweet girl and her sweet, sweet smile!

Day 285
My family drove all the way from NYC and got here the Friday before the long weekend.
They bought my girls Indian wear which they promptly donned. 

Day 286
We just sat around, cooked, ate, drank some wine...and talked... and talked... and talked

Day 287
At the Thanksgiving table

Day 288
i.e. the day my life changed forever
My Up Jawbone 24.

Day 289
A to-do list is the best! This company makes the best ones!

Day 290
We spend a lot of time in this high chair.....

Day 291
.... and on the kiddie table!

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  1. My girl loves plums as well. Your little ones are just too much fun! Your posts help me look forward to the things we'll do when mine gets older...because I admit I'm grieving over all this growing up she's doing ;)

  2. All great pictures!!! I love the little Halloween outfit! Too cute!

  3. So sweet! Your family is so beautiful, and you look to always be having so much fun :)

  4. So fun looking at all the pictures and a great way to save memories!

  5. Looking at the girls photos can make even the most depress person smile again


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