Thursday, October 16, 2014

A slave to nap-time

Everyday, little 2 year old A takes a nap. It is one of my her favourite times of the day. Before school started (she does three hours every morning), after the gym, I would race home to give her lunch because she capped out at around noon. I didn't mind it then as it would give me a chance to do my stuff like clean the house, shower, work a bit, blog  and cook. Then, she would get up before 2 pm and we would have our snacks, play or go run some errands. 

When she started school, I transitioned her to after 12:30. This worked well for us for a while but then on the very odd occasion that we had a lunch date, she would go kinda beserk as she was tired. So now, after milk, lunch, The Wiggles and play time, she goes down for a 1:30 nap. This happened as a fluke the first time since I  totally lost track of time. But then she napped... and she napped... and she napped... for about two  and a half hours! Two and a half hours, people! Do you know how much I can get done in two and a half hours?! 

So henceforth we have transitioned to the later naps. Sometimes I get two hours out of her. Sometimes I get three. Sometimes I have to wake her up to go pick up C from school. Yes, there are a few drawbacks. I creep around like a thief in the house so as not to wake her. Also, I have to be at home. She does not nap anywhere else well. She only loves her bed and her room. She sleeps like a baby in there (hehehe). I know, I should get her out of that as when we have day trips or when we go on vacation, it gets a little difficult. But then again, Cass was a flexible sleeper but a crappy sleeper. I'll take my inflexible, routine loving, good sleeper anyday.  I also can't do errands when she gets up as I have to go to school for C, but I think it's totally worth it! I'll do my stuff on mornings before I pick her up or on weekends. 

So yes, I've become a slave to naptime! I'll push it forward or back a bit but for the most part, I'll do what it takes for the all important nap.

I love my girls-- but I seriously love nap-time too! Did I tell you my five year old napped until this summer?! 

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  1. G still generally takes 2 naps but can go without the morning if needed...but the afternoon one is a must. We plan around it lol.

  2. My little lady takes her nap later too and it makes such a difference. The only problem is that I usually have to wake her for dinner.

  3. So jealous of your sleeper!! My son hates naps and bedtime right now. He's a pretty flexible sleeper and will sleep anywhere but fights me all the time. Once he's down I can get 2-3 hours out of him but it can be a long fight

  4. Enjoy nap time for as long as it lasts! I keep getting a picture of you creeping around the house so you don't wake her lol.

  5. Love her! I wish my little ones were that good of sleepers! I can barely get my two year old to nap, let alone in his bed! I need your magic!

  6. All three of my sisters kids napped until they were 5 1/2 and even when they put up a fight they ended up loving their naps LOL - they love to sleep haha!

  7. Naptime is sacred! I hope Ez naps till he's 5 too :)


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