Thursday, October 9, 2014

Throwback Thursday- Baby Shower Time!

I really wish I had begun bloggin the minute I found out I was pregnant with C. I love looking at those bump updates and all the little details about the pregnancies that I've since forgotten about mine. This blog at its core is a celebration of my love for my kids.... and a baby shower is such a celebration of love for a new baby. I stumbled across these old pictures from one of my baby showers and wanted to share one of the most well planned, meaningful parties that my friend Lux planned for me.

As a bit of  background,  I live in Canada now but my friend Lux asked if she could plan a baby shower for me when I came to visit everyone in Trinidad  for Christmas.  This was in December 2008 and C was born in April of 2009. A few of my nearest and dearest friends and family showed up to shower me and my baby with lots of love and play some silly shower games that I am insanely good at but also ridiculously competitive about :-)

My friend Adita and I helping with stuff right before the party started. 

This game was pretty funny. You had a baby in one hand, a cordless phone and you had to hang as many clothes as you could in 60 seconds... harder than it looks. These days however, we have a sling for the baby, a bluetooth headset and a dryer but whatevs.
Incidentally, this chick is now my sister in law and had her own baby last year!

And no shower is complete without a toilet paper around the tummy game, no matter how humiliating it is for the mom to be. 

I was about twice the size of my friend here! 

PS, the thing around my next is some sort of mama to be medal... not a piece of jewelry I chose or anything.

It was Christmas time, hence the Christmas looking layout for the food. 

The organiser, hard at work. This was seriously one of the best parties that someone ever threw for me. 

Ring toss around the bottles

Pin the bottle on the baby

There's always room for cake!

Maybe I shouldn't put this up after the cake but this was guess the substance on the diaper... ranging from pudding, to mustard to heaven knows what else!

And presents

For mommy

And for baby - a trinidadian flag onesie-- incidentally both my babies used it.

And a shot of the preggo mama---with four months to go... Yep, I was quite large!

So much fun and so many beautiful memories. Thanks Lux for the very special baby shower.

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  1. Such sweet memories! I wish I had started blogging upon learning of my pregnancy as well. I have Facebook updates buy nothing even close to the type of written documentation that I'd like to have. I kept a journal but I wish I had those words and pictures joined in one place.

  2. Your baby shower looks like so much fun! We did some of the same games at mine. And I totally agree that I wished I started my blog earlier for the same reason. And it's also a place my kids can look back at to see pictures and memories that are actually written down (that I may have forgotten the details of as I get older.)

  3. So fun! You might be the cutest pregnant lady, ever!

  4. Love this...what a great shower! I think my fave is the phone/baby/clothes hanging creative and fun!


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