Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Home Organising How To's

I love an organised space! It just makes life so much easier. For me as well, I can be very forgetful so if things are organised, it can be that much easier to find stuff. 

I'm no organising experts but here are just a few of my tips for having an organised home... well more organised anyway. 

1- Organise yourself

Seriously, this is my most favourite tip. Every morning, I sit down with my list and plan out the day. When I was in the corporate world, I did the same thing. I use this notepad with sections at home but a plain old book will do the trick.

Also, I've spoken of my love for this calendar with colour coded markers... it's our little hub to keep our family organised for the month at a glance.

2- Contain yourself

I get lots of my containers are the dollar store but when organising, use matching containers to fit into the space. I have so many little packets of toiletries. It's so much easier when I can organise them into sections. Also, in the kitchen, I empty my larger bags into containers when I can.

 For when I can't, I use a container to put little packets into. 

Dollar Store for the win! 

And these containers are above our coat cupboard to store mitts and hats

3-Label yourself silly

 When you're done container-izing (yep, I've made it a verb), I would highly recommend purchasing a label maker or at least buying labels and writing things out in your neatest writing. It just makes it so much easier to find. 

4- Use your space vertically

 I love organisers that build up so you really use all the space you have! I can store so much more without totally stacking

And these tiers for cans/bottles so you can see what you have.

5- Keep surfaces clutter free

To me, clutter begets more clutter, so while I am not a total minimalist, I think the less you have on your tables and counter tops, the easier they are to clean and the more it would bother you if/when the surfaces do become cluttered. 

There you have it, just a few of my favourite tips! 
(Psst. for tips on cleaning a kids' closet, click here)

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And also linking up with Jess and Ashley for It's The Little Things... because although these are little tips and tricks, they make for a really big change to our life--- an organised house!

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  1. Great ideas! Love the To Do list! We have to grocery one! LOVE IT!

  2. Love these ideas too!! I am a list-maker, planner too...just don't always have the time to start my day like that, so maybe the night before! Wonderful tips :)

  3. Great tips - thanks!

    I really need to take a few minutes each morning to organize myself!

  4. You can't beat the dollar store for bins and containers!

  5. Wow. I am drooling at all your containers and baskets. I have a few jars from the dollar store and use them around my house as well. Your kitchen storage system is inspiring!


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