Monday, February 3, 2014

Birthday Celebrations Part Deux

As I alluded to before, my mom came to spend the weekend (like two weekends ago) and take care of the girls while D and I went on a brief sojourn to Toronto. I didn't know what was going on-- I had no idea where we were staying, where we were going for dinner, if any friends were coming and who they were... or at least I wasn't supposed to. D is not very good at keeping secrets... me on the other hand... 

Anyways, D arranged an overnight at the Ritz Hotel. We got to spend lots of quality time together in an amazing upgraded suite (yoo-hoo), went for drinks and even met up with a few friends for dinner. The next day, though we planned to walk around the city, enjoy the hotel a bit and do some shopping, it was so cold with the promise of lots of snow to come. Instead, we had lunch at a lovely French Bistro and then came back home pretty quickly... I also missed my girls and wanted to spend time with my mom anyways. 

I think that D is a very special sort to do this for me. And my mom is amazing for coming just for the weekend and watching the kids. And my friends for braving this awful cold and coming out. And my kids are quite cool for not driving my mom mental while she was here. Overall, I have some kind folk around me. Love you guys! 

So excited to go!!!!

Here we are at the Ritz Carlton!!!

Thanks Ritz for these amazing cupcakes--- let's just say I took a lil' break from my detox!

Pre-dinner dirty martini

We went to this amazing seafood restaurant for dinner--- absolutely amazing seafood.

Two sweet ladies XO

A few of us who went out

Thanks D!!

As you can see, someone is not comfortable with PDA.

I had to take this pic- the Ritz had a TV in the mirror--- super cool right!?!

Brunch time.

Then it was back home--- where Anjali became super clingy and Cassia gave Ariel a bob. Go figure! 

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