Friday, July 14, 2017

#bergalloo- An alpaca wedding.

A couple weeks ago, my family and I travelled to Middlebury, Vermont for my cousin Shanel's wedding.  Shanel and Isaiah, her groom met in college in Dartmouth, New Hampshire. They wanted to get married in that part of the country so journey we all did to Vermont, one of the most beautiful, quiet, quaint US states we've ever seen.

It's lots of pictures so for anyone who isn't family, I do apologise! And with an iphone so not all might be the clearest!

En route to the wedding. A was part of the wedding party.

It rained sooooo much as we were heading to the church! 

D's parents joined us in Vermont for the celebrations as well. It was lovely having them and they had a blast!

D wanted a picture with the Marines.... the groom is also a Marine.

Our family.
Then it was showtime. A did much better this time than a few years ago when she was a flower girl at my other cousin Rian's wedding. She threw her petals and then walked stately up the aisle. My sweet nephew on the other hand, almost backed out and wanted his mom to walk with him. He kept looking back in what was one of the cutest moments in the entire wedding. 

Here comes the bride-- and her teary eyed parents.

The groom is part of a very musical family and the hymn they sang brought tears to my eyes.

All done! Or should I say just getting started?!

My cousin and her brother. I have such fond memories of summer vacations spent in NYC with these two when they were kids.

And then it was off in the pouring rain via shuttles to the alpaca
 farm. Now let me preface this by saying that Shanel and Isaiah's decision to have their wedding at an alpaca farm was met with much trepidation from my very traditional West Indian family. But we are all eating our words because everything was so beautiful and A LOT of fun!

First off, check out the beautiful barn that they transformed into this magical space.  
The pictures do not do it justice.

Lots and  lots of wild flowers added to the rustic ambiance.

It finally cleared up at the farm so the marines were able to do the sword ceremony they were supposed to do at the church. This is them assembling.
The  couple posted this as their instagram picture, lol!

 We harassed the alpacas way more than they harassed us. This is my cousin, Ronell.

My groom of almost 11 years!
 All the cousins in age order. It's been four years since we've all been together.

My beautiful aunt.

This alpaca was more interested in the food than us. 

This naked cake was so pretty and the chocolate layer was simply the best wedding cake I've ever had.

The running of the alpacas was a sight to behold for both young and old alike. SO fun.

There were props at the polaroid station and this kiddo went a little crazy.

 Some fresh macaroons as our midnight snack.

SO this was the pour at the bar! And yes there is hot sauce in the background.

 My two loves.

My first love....We are classy

Not pictured, my kids dancing the night away with their cousins and our family. We partied like it was 1962! Some declared it the most fun wedding they had ever attended... from the marines to the alpacas to the soccer to the croquet to the Vermont cheeses to partying with the Dartmouth crew to the final party goers (6 month old nephew included) leaving the farm at after midnight in a school bus with the newlyweds and entire bridal party.

It was truly a privilege and a pleasure to attend this epic celebration.

This was definitely a favourite weekend of the year so far so it should certainly be a Friday Favourite.

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  1. What a fun wedding. Love the photos you and that dress were absolutely stunning. The classy picture made me giggle too. Totally a photo that Russ and I would end up in.

  2. How fun! You all looked beautiful and your cousin was a stunning bride!! Congrats to her.

  3. What a beautiful couple and I love the dress you wore to the wedding! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. What a good time! Nothing beats a good family wedding.

  5. The wedding looks beautiful! I love your dress!

  6. First off you all look so great! your dress is so pretty mama. What a fun and beautiful wedding. If I could own Alpacas I totally would! They are such interesting animal and I love that they were a part of the wedding! Beautifully Candid

  7. What a beautiful wedding. I love the dress and the reception decor. Happy Friday!

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