Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week 4- Everyday life

Week 4 already. Colds have hit us hard this winter. This is the third cold we've gotten-- it's like this family gets a monthly cold.... no flu yet though! As a result, not a lot is getting done. Lots of soup, sleep and snuggles though. 

 Here's what  we've been up to:

Day 22- Happy Birthday to me!

Day 23- Bananas in Pajamas- only a parent would get this.
As you can see, some people aren't really morning people. 
My mom also came in for a few days to spend with us on this day.

Day 24- My girls will be the flower girls for my cousin's wedding this spring so we did a dress rehearsal. I'm hoping that this doesn't happen on the actual day.....

Or this...

Day #25- We left the littles at home with my mom (thanks mama) and headed to TO for some grown up fun!

Day #26
Happy Birthday, Uncle Nil
Brunch is such a civilized affair when the grown ups alone do it. 

It was also Sean and Catherine's wedding #imobsessed

Day #27
My mama left- I'm always a touch sad when we have to say goodbye to my mama.
A and I decided to brave the grocery in the sub zeros though.

Day #28
'Filling out' the checklist in the doctors office for A's 18 month checkup/shots. Also, look who has enough hair for a scraggly ponytail--- and I use the word 'ponytail' very loosely

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