Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Everyday life in 2013- Week 3

Week 3 already?! Whaaatttt???? Here are our snapshots from this past week. 

Day #15. Once again ( I have a feeling it will happen once or twice each week) I didn't take a pic. Check this lady out though. Asleep midway through lunch. We've transitioned from a midday nap to an early evening nap but sometimes we get pretty tired. 

Day #16
Anjali at a playdate at a friend's house. My friend is a teacher so she always has great ideas or great activities for the kids to do or make. Little A couldn't help putting the (non-toxic) paint in her mouth several times though. 

Day #17
Look at my four year old eating with training chopsticks at a Japanese restaurants. We were quite impressed! 

Day #18

Arisa's birthday. We went to Ajax for a beautiful tea princess party. Check out the girls' faces.

Day #19
Mexican lunch (and margaritas) at my work out buddy's house. Yummmm. Here are the kids totally ignoring each other. 

Day #20
Love my girls!

Day #20
My morning smoothie chockful of good stuff. This morning's drink contained strawberries, a small banana, greek yogurt, kale, hemp seeds, chia seeds and unsweetened almond milk. Yum.

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