Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday- First for 2014

Haven't done  a Five on Friday post since before Christmas.  Once again, linking up with A.Liz Adventures

1- Sugar Detox time- So as I mentioned before, D and I are on a sugar detox. After all the baked goods, candy and wine over the holidays, my mid section needs this. We're giving ourselves only one or two cheats a week but for the most part it is no sugar- fruit, dates or healthy bars for dessert. And no wine! So far, so good. I do still crave it sometimes but I shove a couple handfuls of grapes in my mouth and we are good. We've also for the most part cut out simple carbs. Next week, we'll kick it into high gear and reduce carbs even further. 

2- Back to our regular routine for the most part. School has begun again. Music and dance classes have started, dinner is being cooked at midday, lists are being made and we go to the gym four mornings for the week. I love these routine days so much! 

3-Mama- or mummy- in a very whiny tone has become the word of the minute around here from my seventeen. And it is said in a commanding tone.. again... and again... and again....

4- Darin's parents are still here until Monday. His Dad had surgery and they had a doctor's appointment this week. We've enjoyed their company very much but at the same time, we felt so sorry for them being cooped up inside for most of their time here! 

5- January is very fittingly National Soup Month. Makes sense right? Here are a few of my favourite soup recipes. 

Happy Friday everyone!

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