Friday, January 24, 2014

Birthday celebrations

I had a wonderful, relaxing birthday filled with beautiful family moments and warm wishes from near and far. I felt special, loved and appreciated.... the feelings you should feel on your special day!  

Firstly, Cassia told me the day before "Mommy, you take care of everyone. It's our turn to take care of you." She called Darin in work the day before and she reminded him to get balloons, streamers and an eleven (?)  layer cake. She made a present for me and she was insistent that I not open it until my birthday. She was so sweet and thoughtful and caring all through my birthday. 

On my actual birthday, my family woke me up with hugs and kisses and told me to come downstairs for a special treat. There were balloons everywhere, a delicious breakfast and a cranky baby D woke her up early to be part of the celebrations-  bad idea! Then it was off the school, work and the gym. D, A and I had a late lunch in a bakery, I left them to get a mani/pedi and then it was home for cake. At night, the adults went to a really cool indonesian restaurant with some friends followed by $4 martinis (we are all class)  at a neighbourhood restaurant. 

Happy Birthday to me!

Let's get this party started. By party, I mean let's go to school

My post  workout drink 

Lunch with my sweeties

Smoky nails like all the cool girls! 

Chocolate hazelnut cake 

Though it seems like my house is on fire, it's not. It's just me turning 35. 

Mona and I

Having some milk (wink, wink) 

Thanks family and friends for all the phone calls, text messages and great wishes. They made my day so much more special. And it doesn't stop there. My mom came in for NY for a quick visit and this weekend D and I head out to Toronto for our first adult only weekend together since Cassia was born. I'm so excited!! To be continued......

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